Who Are the Potential Top Seeds in This Year's NCAA Basketball Tournament?

What top teams should we expect to be in the discussion for a 1 seed come March?

It's that time of year again.

We have just eight more days until it's officially March, when the madness starts to set in for us college basketball lovers. When it comes time to flip that calendar to the next page, we'll be just two weeks away from Selection Sunday.

Just let that soak in. It feels great doesn't it?

But as much as we'd like March 15th to come as soon as possible, we need a little time to get in some valuable research and film study in the form of long Saturday afternoons and evenings spent plopped down on a sofa in front of a TV.

Why you ask?

Because we're all going to get that perfect bracket this year and win a gajillion dollars, of course.

While that might not be the case, a few of us may just get lucky and win a few bucks -- or at least win some bragging rights among friends or colleagues in your individual polls. But, if you can't take time to see what the tournament-caliber teams are up to lately for yourself, no worries: we here at numberFire got you covered.

Our NCAA team has been doing the research for you and telling you who's who among NCAA tournament teams, whether they're underrated and should be feared as an upset pick, or overrated and could be in line to be upset come tournament time.

We'll be continuing our pre-Madness research and coverage right up until Selection Sunday for your bracket-busting pleasure, so make sure to frequently check out our college basketball page here.

Today, though, let's take a look at the potential 1 seeds in this year's tourney based on our metrics.