NCAA Tournament: Which Teams Could Be Seeded Too Low on Selection Sunday?

Once again, advanced metrics love Gonzaga, and the Zags could be massively under-seeded in March. Which other teams are being overlooked?

It’s time to start thinking about our March Madness brackets again.

A huge part of winning your office pool is nailing down the right upset picks, and while an upset can be the product of the right matchup or just plain luck, the selection committee can also play a role by over- or under-seeding teams.

In many cases, a team’s resume does not match its actual strength. Some teams might have inflated their record by eking out an unsustainable number of close wins while others could have flown under the radar due to their level of competition. Since the NCAA is still using the RPI and resume tests that don’t factor in margin of victory, these issues won’t be going away anytime soon.

The key is finding these undervalued teams and taking advantage.

Here are four teams that could be under-seeded on Selection Sunday. In this piece, we'll be referencing the projected seedings at as well our own team rankings, which include what seed a team should garner.

Later this week, we will look at teams that might be over-seeded.