Entering the Conference Finals, the Golden State Warriors Have Insane Odds to Win the NBA Title

Golden State is the best team in basketball, and their odds to win the championship prove it.

With four teams remaining in the NBA Playoffs, we'd expect teams to have high odds to win the championship. After all, a split in a perfectly even NBA would mean each squad has a 25% chance to win it all.

But the NBA is anything but perfect -- the Golden State Warriors are part of the Association, and well, they're dominant.

The Warriors have the best nERD -- a metric we use to predict a team's ultimate winning percentage -- of the remaining teams, sitting at 80.6. The Thunder are right behind them at 69.1 (I say "right behind" because they're ranked one spot below the Warriors), while Cleveland's nERD is 65.8 and Toronto's is 63.1.

In other words, it's the Warriors and then the rest.

As a result, the Warriors are so, so clearly in the driver's seat. As it stands, they've got a 68.43% chance to beat the Thunder and move onto the NBA Finals, and a -- wait for it -- 50.9% chance to win the championship.

Conference Finals Odds Championship Odds
Golden State 68.43% 50.90%
Oklahoma City 31.57% 17.10%
Cleveland 57.66% 19.60%
Toronto 42.34% 12.40%

It's definitely looking like we'll be seeing Stephen Curry-LeBron James showdown.