3 Daily Fantasy Basketball Value Plays for 4/16/16

The playoffs are here and daily fantasy basketball rolls on. Which players can you use to save money with?

One of the keys to finding success in daily fantasy basketball is uncovering potential value plays. If you're looking to roster a stud player or two, you'll need to find one of these lower-priced options to squeeze everyone into your lineup.

Let's take a look at three guys who can help fill the gaps in your lineup tonight.

Trevor Ariza, SF, Houston Rockets

FanDuel Price: $6,200

Trevor Ariza has been solid all year long, and with extended playoff minutes he should be able to produce solid returns on his $6,200 salary. The Rockets will call on Ariza to log major minutes this postseason and he should be close to 40-plus minutes of playing time.

Houston takes on the defending champs from Golden State in a match up that should generate a lot of points. Both teams rank in the top seven in the NBA in terms of pace. The up and down the court tempo will help Ariza as a daily fantasy asset.

In April, Ariza is averaging 15.5 points, 4.5 rebounds and 3 assists. That includes a game that was out of hand quickly against Sacramento when he played just 22 minutes. In the five games prior to the Sacramento game, Ariza averaged 5.6 times his cost (points per $1,000 in salary).

Enes Kanter, C, Oklahoma City Thunder

FanDuel Price: $4,500

Enes Kanter has been an interesting player all year. His per minute stats are up there with some of the best in the entire league, yet his total minutes are low enough to keep his production in check. The lack of minutes has also kept his fantasy cost down all year.

His price dipped $1,100 on FanDuel from the last game of the regular season. But, Kanter should see his normal amount of playing time Saturday night, if not more than normal. He finished the regular season ranked 27th with 1.1 fantasy points per minutes on FanDuel.

Kanter averages almost 13 points and 8 rebounds for the season. He will match up against a Dallas frontcourt that has switched their big men multiple times down the stretch. It will be interesting to see how the Thunder use Kanter and how much he plays. But if you're a believer that he will see 25-plus minutes, he's your guy at just $4,500.

Kyle Korver, SG, Atlanta Hawks

FanDuel Price: $3,500

This is definitely a risky pick, but the upside is there for Kyle Korver at minimum price. During last year's playoffs, Korver averaged more minutes per game than anyone else on the Hawks.

On the season, Korver is averaging .61 fantasy points per minute on FanDuel, which isn't great by any means. But playoffs almost always mean tighter rotations, which will help Korver see minutes in the high thirties. Korver averaged 38 minutes last postseason and anything close to that again -- at .61 fantasy points per minute -- would generate around 23 fantasy points. That would be a value of 6.6 times his salary.

Korver is definitely capable of putting up duds, but for someone that plays as many minutes as he does, the upside has to be attractive on a short playoff slate of just four games.