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Daily Fantasy Basketball: How Important Is Homecourt Advantage?

Targeting players at home in daily fantasy basketball feels right, but does it actually matter?

Any semi-serious basketball player knows what it's like to shoot on a foreign hoop in comparison to a familiar one.

Change any variable -- the tension or shape of the backboard, the forgiveness of the rim, the color or length of the net -- and you can struggle to play as well on that new hoop as you do on your usual one.

But in the NBA, when things are standardized and we're talking about professionals, the hoop structure probably doesn't impact things quite as drastically. But what about all the little things that go into playing a road game: travel, crowd, courtside seat locations? Do those add up to a noticeable impact on NBA players?

Or, more directly, should we be favoring players playing at home when building our daily fantasy basketball rosters?

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