FanDuel Single-Game Daily Fantasy Basketball Helper: NBA Finals Game 4

In a traditional FanDuel NBA lineup, you have a $60,000 salary cap to roster nine players. The salary cap is the same in the single-game setup, but the lineup requirements are different.

You select five players of any position. One of your players will be your MVP, whose FanDuel points are multiplied by two. You also choose a STAR player (whose production is multiplied by 1.5) and a PRO (multiplied by 1.2). Two UTIL players round out the roster, and they don't receive a multiplier for their production.

This makes the five players you select essential in more than one way; you need to focus on slotting in the best plays in the multiplier slots rather than just nailing the best overall plays of the game.

Read this piece by Brandon Gdula for some excellent in-depth analysis on how to attack a single-game slate in NBA DFS.

Warriors-Celtics Overview

Away Home Game
Golden StateBoston2141051091424

If you're a Golden State Warriors fan, Friday's injury report may have given you a miniature heart attack.

That's because Stephen Curry is present, but he is listed as probable through a foot injury he may have suffered through a late loose ball scrum in Game 3.

As for the rest of the Warriors, it's just Andre Iguodala (knee) and Otto Porter (foot) both played in Game 3 through their questionable listing, and they're questionable for Game 4 once more.

Boston's lone submission was Robert Williams (knee), but Williams played -- and played well -- through the injury on Wednesday.

Player Breakdowns

At The Top

Stephen Curry ($16,000): Producing just four rebounds and two assists kept Curry from his third straight game as the optimal MVP. He still scored 31 points, and his 33.1% usage rate for this series towers over any other player. The leg injury is a bit worrisome, but Curry should be at his maximum workload in Game 4. Even though "Golden State" and "3-1 Lead" will be forever together in the 2010s NBA word cloud, the Dubs will likely pull out all stops to avoid going back home facing elimination.

Draymond Green ($13,000): Draymond is far from the best process play in this area. However, in single-game formats, game theory can be everything. No doubt, one of America's top sports podcasters stunk it up in Game 3; he had more fouls (six) than any other stat category. Inexplicably, he saw an 18.1% increase in salary following the clunker. Using Green in a STAR or PRO spot will certainly be different, but he's still in line for a 40-minute role and can contribute in all categories.

Others to Consider: Jayson Tatum ($15,500), Jaylen Brown ($14,000)

In The Middle

Al Horford ($11,500): Horford's production was solid in Game 3, but his minutes were a bit concerning. You can only play two big men at once, so it makes sense he was dropped to just 30 minutes with 26 and 20, respectively, for Robert Williams and Grant Williams. However, sitting at the $13,000 mark for the past two games and performing well, Horford's likely to be enormously popular in this mid-range. He may pay off that popularity with closer to six three-point makes in Game 1 versus the one made triple since.

Marcus Smart ($10,500): Single-game formats were made for players like Smart. You really want to "script" your lineup based on the outcome of the game, and he's been very easy to figure out in the postseason. Smart has averaged 17.6 points and 2.8 three-pointers made in games that Boston wins, and he's averaged just 11.0 points in games and 1.2 three-pointers when Boston has lost. Therefore, if you're scripting a Boston victory, he's viable in STAR or PRO spots, but if Golden State pulls the upset, it's likely Smart didn't go bananas.

Others to Consider: Andrew Wiggins ($12,000), Kevon Looney ($11,000), Klay Thompson ($10,000)

At The Bottom

Jordan Poole ($9,500): In a game where Boston went big, Golden State's response was going small. Poole played the most minutes for Golden State off the bench (24), but he was limited to just 10 points on 8 shots with Steph and Klay both rolling. The Warriors may try a different adjustment at the expense of Poole, but there's also the possibility Curry is limited or hobbled. In which case, sliding him into a multiplier spot and leaving out Steph could be a tournament-winning move.

Robert Williams ($8,500): "Time Lord" posted 41 FanDuel points in the most "him" way possible in Game 3. He added three steals to four blocks, and while those could be considered a bit lucky for some, he's averaging 3.0 blocks plus steals combined during a playoff run where he's been debilitated by injury. Importantly, his presence inside totally flummoxed the Dubs' interior offense, and as long as he's on the court, he's also a threat for lobs, putbacks, and rebounds. He's got the highest upside in the value tier by a good margin.

Others to Consider: Derrick White ($9,000), Grant Williams ($8,000), Otto Porter ($7,500)