FanDuel Single-Game Daily Fantasy Basketball Helper: Warriors at Mavericks (5/22/22)

After a 14.1% salary decrease, Mavericks' Dorian Finney-Smith is an intriguing value option. Who else should we target for Sunday's Game 3 matchup?

In a traditional FanDuel NBA lineup, you have a $60,000 salary cap to roster nine players. In the single-game setup, the salary cap is the same, but the lineup requirements are different.

You select five players of any position. One of your players will be your MVP, whose FanDuel points are multiplied by two. You also select a STAR player (whose production is multiplied by 1.5) and a PRO (multiplied by 1.2). Two UTIL players round out the roster, and they don't receive a multiplier for their production.

This makes the five players you select important in more than one way, as you need to focus on slotting in the best plays in the multiplier slots rather than just nailing the best overall plays of the game.

Read this piece by Brandon Gdula for some excellent in-depth analysis on how to attack a single-game slate in NBA DFS.

Warriors-Mavericks Overview

Team Pace O/U Spread Implied Total Key Injuries
DAL 95.4 218.5 -3 110.75
GS 98.4 218.5 3 107.75 Wiggins questionable

Player Breakdowns

At The Top

Luka Doncic ($16,500): In 211.06 total minutes including his regular season encounters against the Golden State Warriors, Doncic is averaging 1.42 FanDuel points per minute and 0.89 real-life points. The Dallas Mavericks' superstar ranks as numberFire's top option with a 55.3 FanDuel point projection and a 3.35 value rating.

Stephen Curry ($15,500): Golden State's long-range savant has provided steady production so far this series, accounting for 1.33 FanDuel points and 0.78 real-life points in 67.75 minutes. Curry rates second among guards with a 44.8 FanDuel point expectation and 2.89 value rating.

In the Middle

Jalen Brunson ($13,500): After a 44.9 fantasy performance, Brunson's FanDuel salary has increased by 12.5% to his highest point this month. The 25-year old has played an active offensive role against a Warriors' unit ranked third among current playoff teams in defensive rating, recording a 25.3% and 27.8% usage rate in the first two games this series.

Klay Thompson ($12,500): While Thompson's shot attempts have decreased to 0.31 per minute, Golden State's Splash Brother is still averaging 0.12 rebounds and assists against a Dallas team allowing 36.9 FanDuel points per game to shooting guards this regular season.

Andrew Wiggins ($12,000): After two steady performances, Wiggins' FanDuel salary has moved up 5.2% to his highest point this postseason. Despite his questionable designation, the Warriors' forward is still expected to play versus a Mavericks' unit allowing the most points in the paint among current playoff teams.

Draymond Green ($11,500): At his lowest salary point this series, Green ranks as today's top forward with a 30.8 FanDuel point projection. Despite inconsistent minutes and real-life scoring during the Western Conference Finals, the Warriors' versatile forward is averaging 0.87 FanDuel points, 0.26 rebounds, and 0.13 assists.

Jordan Poole ($11,000): numberFire's fifth ranked guard with a 23.3 fantasy projection and a 14.8 real-life point expectation.

Kevon Looney ($10,500): In his last three playoff starts, Looney has been in great form, recording 1.08 FanDuel points per minute. Even at an increased salary point, the Warriors' center still ranks sixth among the slate with a 2.52 value rating.

Reggie Bullock ($10,000): The Mavericks' defensive specialist could be a sneaky value, accounting for 0.60 FanDuel points in 80.2 minutes this series.

At The Bottom

Otto Porter ($9,500): Even in a second unit role, Porter has played a key role in small ball lineups, producing 1.07 FanDuel points, 0.44 real-life points, and 0.27 rebounds per minute.

Spencer Dinwiddie ($9,000): Another value option to consider with a 2.44 rating and a 22.0 FanDuel point expectation.

Dorian Finney-Smith ($8,500): Despite a solid 25.5 fantasy performance in Game 2, Finney-Smith's salary has decreased by 14.1%. The 29-year old currently ranks third overall with a 2.78 value rating and a 23.6 FanDuel point projection in 35.9 expected minutes.