DailyMVP: A New Day in Fantasy Sports

DailyMVP Introduces Fantasy Basketball Game: FASTBREAK

The grind of a fantasy basketball league can be a lot to handle. You’re constantly making moves that can impact your team for months, and if luck doesn’t go your way, your fantasy hoops squad may be out of the playoff hunt weeks before the season ends.

Fortunately, we’ve got an alternative for your season-long woes.

Enter DailyMVP, a new daily fantasy sports platform that gives you the perfect alternative to season-long leagues. The best part? It’s available and accessible on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, and you can even play for cash prizes.

Why DailyMVP?

Why choose DailyMVP over other league types and formats? Well, first off, there are no lobbies – there’s no waiting. You can visit or download the app from the App Store, and get going right away.

There are also no tedious drafts or player salaries, something you inevitably have to deal with when choosing other daily fantasy options. Instead, visit (again, using any platform you wish to use), select players and enjoy. It’s just that simple.

But don't let the simplicity of the setup lead you to believe that you don't need to know your stuff to win, especially with DailyMVP's fantasy basketball game, FASTBREAK.

FASTBREAK is unlike any game you’ll find in the daily fantasy sports arena. To play, you select three players – a guard, forward and center – from three different NBA teams. The goal isn’t to just score the most points though. Instead, the objective is to find players who outperform their individual projection on that day. And those projections come from yours truly,

This aspect of FASTBREAK is one of the things that makes DailyMVP’s offerings so unique. Instead of simply choosing players who will perform at a high level, you’re picking them based on how they perform above or below their projection. And the application’s distinctive scoring makes this process even more enjoyable.

Before each game starts, the playing field is leveled between you and your opponent by applying the Fantasy Equalizer. For example, if your team is projected to score 60 points while your opponent is suppose to hit 80, your score will be "equalized" with your opponents’ and you will be given 20 points to start the game.

This is why selecting value plays becomes more important than just picking the Kevin Loves of the world. Because both teams start at the same point, finding players who will outperform their projections becomes vital.

Check out the images below that give a nice visual to what the game is all about.


My Experience With DailyMVP

Again, the game’s difficulty has nothing to do with its setup. It has everything to do with knowing which players have the best matchups, and which guys will break through with a surprisingly good game.

At first, I made the mistake thinking LeBron James would automatically be a top player. But I soon found out that, while King James will almost always score a lot of points, he’s not always outscoring his numberFire projection. Sometimes a lesser-known forward like Shawn Marion is the better play.

And that’s why I think DailyMVP is, well, awesome. Fantasy sports enthusiasts have become so enamored with salary caps and finding value through a dollar amount, but the goal of DailyMVP’s FASTBREAK is to find value through projections. And in the end, that’s much more interesting to play than a somewhat arbitrary salary. It truly is a game of skill.

So far I’m about a .500 player – I’m like the Chicago Bulls of DailyMVP’s FASTBREAK. But with a little more research and experience in finding projection-based values, I’m ready to move towards being more like the Heat or Spurs.

The Future of Daily Fantasy Sports

DailyMVP’s FASTBREAK game is just the tip of the iceberg. While DailyMVP is currently only offering an NBA game, it will soon be branching out to other sports as well. And one thing that I'm really looking forward to is playing in larger leagues (not just head-to-head ones), which will be added soon too.

Really, DailyMVP made me realize that daily fantasy sports fanatics have been stuck in thinking their favorite games can’t change. This is the future, and I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t believe in it.