Fantasy Basketball: The Punting Game, Version 3

The guide to valuing your players more effectively.

It's The Brow's world and we're just living in it.

Anthony Davis tops all but one of our lists and continues his unbelievable start to the season. If you can get him, do it, but be prepared to pay a lot for him. I've gotten several questions from Davis owners on whether they should sell high on him, and I tell them that I don't think he's going to come down significantly. So Brow owners, just hold on and enjoy the ride.

I will continue to pump up Andre Drummond until I'm blue in the face (or fingers). He doesn't seem quite as valuable as he truly is because he doesn't score at the volume the other top guys do. Don't let the points affect your judgement. Use it as an opportunity to buy Drummond for less than his actual worth. If you're in a keeper league, I would give up almost any big man other than Anthony Davis and Kevin Love to get him. The man is going to be a stud for many years to come.

Ryan Anderson is back from an injury and solidly in the New Orleans Pelicans rotation. He is averaging 22.5 ppg with 5 three-pointers through his first two games. Most of his value that you see below is tied up in the ridiculous 64% field goal percentage that he's posted so far. That will certainly come down as he's a career 42.7% shooter, so don't expect to see him in these lists by next week.

I said last week to really focus on the FT% table, as it can provide you with some unexpected names if you choose to punt that category. Both Clippers big men are awful free throw shooters, but vault into being top-seven fantasy players when you punt the free throw category. Dwight Howard also becomes a top-15 player when punting FT%, and you can really get an edge up on your competition if you select the right guys that you can find at value.

Check out the tables and good luck poaching some value, see you all next week!

Punting Points

RankPlayerRegular ValuePunt ValueValue Difference
1Anthony Davis1.131.10-0.03
2Chris Paul0.840.81-0.03
3Ryan Anderson0.780.66-0.12
4Andre Drummond0.370.47+0.10
5Stephen Curry0.500.41-0.09
6Spencer Hawes0.410.410.00
7Kevin Love0.610.40-0.21
8Brook Lopez0.490.39-0.10
9Kevin Durant0.680.38-0.30
10Dirk Nowitzki0.470.37-0.10

Punting 3PM

RankPlayerRegular ValuePunt ValueValue Difference
1Anthony Davis1.131.41+0.28
2Chris Paul0.840.96+0.12
3Brook Lopez0.490.69+0.20
4Kevin Durant0.680.66-0.02
5Andre Drummond0.370.56+0.19
6Kevin Love0.610.53-0.08
7Marc Gasol0.300.48+0.18
8LeBron James0.440.47+0.03
9Al Horford0.300.47+0.17
10Paul George0.540.44-0.10

Punting Rebounds

RankPlayerRegular ValuePunt ValueValue Difference
1Anthony Davis1.131.03-0.10
2Ryan Anderson0.780.98+0.20
3Chris Paul0.840.95+0.11
4Kevin Durant0.680.70+0.02
5Stephen Curry0.500.64+0.14
6Klay Thompson0.380.54+0.16
7Paul George0.540.540.00
8Kevin Martin0.410.52+0.11
9Dirk Nowitzki0.470.51+0.04
10Brook Lopez0.490.51+0.02

Punting Assists

RankPlayerRegular ValuePunt ValueValue Difference
1Anthony Davis1.131.34+0.21
2Ryan Anderson0.781.04+0.26
3Brook Lopez0.490.70+0.21
4Kevin Durant0.680.65-0.03
5Paul George0.540.59+0.05
6Kevin Love0.610.58-0.03
7Andre Drummond0.370.56+0.19
8Dirk Nowitzki0.470.56+0.09
9Klay Thompson0.380.51+0.13
10Kevin Martin0.410.50+0.09

Punting Steals

RankPlayerRegular ValuePunt ValueValue Difference
1Anthony Davis1.131.09-0.04
2Ryan Anderson0.781.00+0.22
3Kevin Love0.610.75+0.14
4Kevin Durant0.680.70+0.02
5Brook Lopez0.490.66+0.17
6Chris Paul0.840.58-0.26
7Spencer Hawes0.410.58+0.17
8LeBron James0.440.57+0.13
9Klay Thompson0.380.50+0.12
10Dirk Nowitzki0.470.50+0.03

Punting Blocks

RankPlayerRegular ValuePunt ValueValue Difference
1Chris Paul0.841.05+0.21
2Ryan Anderson0.780.91+0.13
3Kevin Durant0.680.80+0.12
4Kevin Love0.610.73+0.12
5Anthony Davis1.130.68-0.45
6Stephen Curry0.500.66+0.16
7Paul George0.540.64+0.10
8Kevin Martin0.410.58+0.17
9Dirk Nowitzki0.470.58+0.11
10LeBron James0.440.56+0.12

Punting FG%

RankPlayerRegular ValuePunt ValueValue Difference
1Anthony Davis1.131.18+0.05
2Chris Paul0.841.04+0.20
3Kevin Durant0.680.82+0.14
4Kevin Love0.610.71+0.10
5Paul George0.540.62+0.08
6Stephen Curry0.500.59+0.09
7Kevin Martin0.410.56+0.15
8James Harden0.410.52+0.11
9Ryan Anderson0.780.51-0.27
10John Wall0.190.50+0.31

Punting FT%

RankPlayerRegular ValuePunt ValueValue Difference
1Anthony Davis1.131.15+0.02
2Ryan Anderson0.780.78+0.00
3Andre Drummond0.370.68+0.31
4Chris Paul0.840.63-0.21
5Kevin Love0.610.60-0.01
6Blake Griffin0.250.60+0.35
7DeAndre Jordan0.050.49+0.44
8Spencer Hawes0.410.49+0.08
9Paul George0.540.48-0.06
10Andre Iguodala0.280.47+0.19

Punting Turnovers

RankPlayerRegular ValuePunt ValueValue Difference
1Anthony Davis1.131.18+0.05
2Chris Paul0.841.12+0.28
3Kevin Durant0.681.07+0.39
4Kevin Love0.610.82+0.21
5James Harden0.410.79+0.38
6Stephen Curry0.500.76+0.26
7LeBron James0.440.76+0.32
8Ryan Anderson0.780.74-0.04
9Paul George0.540.70+0.16
10Eric Bledsoe0.250.55+0.30