9 Takeaways From the 2016 NBA Draft

We all knew who was going off the board first, but what do you need to know about the rest of the draft?

Last night, 60 college and international basketball players punched their dream ticket to the NBA.

While storylines of potential trades and landing spots for the draft class of 2016 have been swirling since before the final buzzer even sounded at Game 7 of the Finals, we were sure to be in for some surprises come Thursday night.

We were absolutely sure of three things going into last night's draft: Philadelphia knew who they would pick number-one overall, ESPN's Jay Bilas would say the word "wingspan" during his analysis after every draft pick, causing nationwide intoxication, and ESPN's Fran Fraschilla would glowingly break down the selection of the international player while the fans of that team booed relentlessly because they have never heard of that player before.

But what didn't we know before the draft kicked off that we know now? Without further ado, here are nine things to know if you missed the NBA Draft.