Staff Fantasy Basketball Draft Recap: Analysis of Our 12-Team Head-to-Head League

The numberFire hoops writers recently drafted their 12-team fantasy basketball league. Here are the results, complete with analysis.

When it comes to fantasy sports, we here at numberFire won't hesitate to throw thousands of words at you about almost anything related to the subject, flash our fancy algorithms and projections all over the place, and create all kinds of tables and charts to bring it all together. It's kind of what we do.

But when we're in the driver's seat and bragging rights are on the line, which players would we actually pick in a fantasy hoops draft? Well, if you've ever wondered that yourself, look no further than this recap of our numberFire Hoops Writers Fantasy League draft for answers.

This league is a 12-teamer, made up entirely of guys who write about the NBA and fantasy basketball here at the site. It's a head-to-head league that uses the default Yahoo settings for scoring (nine categories) and team size (13 players, 10 of which start).

The results of this draft will make up the teams for the second season of our league. Before you get started on this recap, feel free to take a look at last year's draft first and see how we did. If you're wondering, Brett Oswalt won the thing.

We gave live commentary throughout the slow draft process, using the hashtag #nFHoopsDraft. Take a look back over that if you want even more analysis beyond this particular article. Now that the teams have been formed, we'll discuss trades and priority pickups we make throughout the season with the hashtag #nFHoopsLeague. For that matter, while you're getting your Twitter fix in, why not click on the links below and follow our whole hoops crew for up-to-the-minute advice on fantasy hoops all season long?

Here's the randomly assigned draft order we followed (you can also click on a writer's name to browse his bio and recently released content):

PickWriterTwitter Handle
1Sam Hauss@Real_Hauss
2Derek Lynch@thedereklynch
3Jacob Kent@Jake3YITC
4Jay Kim@ThirtyDimes
5Mike Comerford@mikecomerford1
6Shae Cronin@ShaeCronin
7Brett Weisband@weisband
8Brandon Gdula@gdula13
9Russell Peddle@rustypedalbike
10Dale Redman@DTRedman
11Brett Oswalt@bRo14thekid
12Bryan Mears@bryan_mears

Let's get down to business.