NBA Free Agency Preview: 10 Lesser Talked About Names

As NBA free agency quickly approaches, who are the underrated players in this year's free agent market?

Even before this past week's NBA Draft, NBA free agency discussions had begun. Since then, we've heard a lot on LaMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Love and even the Goran Dragic situation in Miami.

It's no wonder they're among's list of top 10 free agents of 2015. But what about the other guys?

Outside the top 10, there are many other players who will more than likely contribute positively to an NBA squad. There are a lot of players, from low-minute rotation players to role players and glue guys all the way up to everyday starters, who will be looking to get theirs in free agency this summer.

Here I will touch on ten of those players -- all of whom are unrestricted free agents. I didn't want to touch on the restricted free agents because many of them are more than likely going to sign back with their respective teams.

As for the unrestricted free agents, I will be breaking them down from highest to lowest in order of their final 2015 nERD ratings. In case you are unfamiliar with nERD, it is our in-house metric we use in order to measure a player's total contribution throughout the course of a season, based on his efficiency. A nERD score indicates how many wins above or below .500 an otherwise league-average team could expect to win with that given player as a starter.

Who could your team be looking to add this summer?