A Dozen Dimes: 2014-15 Fantasy Basketball Awards

We finish off another year of A Dozen Dimes by handing out some fantasy hoops hardware.

Thus ends another year of fantasy hoops. Whether you play rotisserie or head-to-head, eight categories or nine, we're all about to say goodbye to our league-mates for another year. Hopefully you get to say it while holding up your league's trophy.

Most NBA-centric discussions are about to shift to the playoffs and end-of-season awards, but before we go down that path, let's look back at the season that was in fantasy basketball.

As always, there were players that exceeded our expectations and others that didn't come close to meeting them. There were players that came out of absolutely nowhere to save our seasons, while some of our early-round draft picks got hurt and did little for us in the end. Some of us drafted rookies way earlier than we should've, while others drafted Nerlens Noel. In the end, nothing turned out how we thought it would, but we still had fun trying to figure out who would be the next Hassan Whiteside and then staying up late (or getting up early) to see if our waiver wire claim or free-agent acquisition budget bid had been successful.

Writing A Dozen Dimes as a weekly column for the second straight year was a blast and a half. I appreciated all your questions and feedback and I hope we're all back here doing it again when the ball gets tossed up on the 2015-16 season next October/November.

Before we say goodbye, though, click on through the following slideshow to see who I picked as winners of five fantasy awards I just made up. Some of the decisions were tough, so I constructed an All-NBA-style team for each category as well.

Whether you agree, disagree, or just want an excuse to reminisce about your fantasy season, you can always jump down to the comment section to get in on the discussion or hit our team up on Twitter.

Now, without further James Michael McAdoo...