NBA Power Rankings Update: It's Time to Stop Sleeping on the Indiana Pacers

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Teams Ranked 30th to 21st

The Portland Trail Blazers make an appearance in the bottom-10, the Detroit Pistons lose a little bit of ground, and literally no one else moves in this tier this week.

RankingTeamRecordnERDLast RankingPlus/Minus
30Chicago Bulls9-2621.2300
29Phoenix Suns9-2622.2290
28Atlanta Hawks9-2422.7280
27Cleveland Cavaliers8-2725.0270
26New York Knicks9-2726.8260
25Orlando Magic14-1933.6250
24Washington Wizards13-2239.3240
23Detroit Pistons16-1645.722-1
22Portland Trail Blazers20-1546.517-5
21Brooklyn Nets17-1947.4210


There is no upward movement in the bottom tier this week. The only team from last week's bottom-10 that improved in our rankings was the Miami Heat, and they jumped out of this tier entirely.


The Detroit Pistons have had the definition of an up-and-down season, winning four in a row, losing four in a row, winning nine of 11, and now most recently, losing nine of 12. Who are the real Pistons? Who knows at this point, but they're sitting at exactly .500 through all of this (16-16) and slot in sixth in the Eastern Conference standings. Sounds about right.

The Portland Trail Blazers are a surprising entry in the bottom-10 this week, considering their 20-15 record has them tied for fifth -- and two and a half games out of first -- in a very competitive Western Conference. They've gone 2-2 over the last week, however, and their middling 111.0 offensive rating (14th), 110.9 defensive rating (18th), and 0.11 average margin of victory (18th) don't really suggest that they deserve to be much higher.