5 NBA Stats to Know From the Last Week

The numbers tell us that Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, and Paul George should quit dominating the rock. What other interesting factoids did we learn this week?

Forget the NBA's traditional stats. Forget advanced analytics. Heck, for a very brief moment, you can even forget our own efficiency metric, nERD.

Right now, let's concentrate on the numbers that mean the most in any professional sport: wins.

Here are the teams who have the most W's through the first two weeks of the NBA season, along with their predicted finish from the reliable prognosticators at FiveThirtyEight.

Team Wins Losses Win % NBA Ranking 538's Predicted Finish
Detroit Pistons 5 2 .714 T-1 21
Orlando Magic 5 2 .714 T-1 20
Memphis Grizzlies 5 2 .714 T-1 19
Boston Celtics 5 2 .714 T-1 10

That the Celtics are even in this discussion after losing Gordon Hayward is impressive. That the Pistons, Magic, and Grizzlies have better records than the Warriors, Rockets, and Cavaliers is darn near shocking. Those are the important numbers, people, but the numbers coming up?

Those are just as cool. Check 'em out.