The 10 Best Players Under Six Feet Tall in NBA History

With just six seasons under his belt, where does Isaiah Thomas rank among the league's greatest players who are under six feet?

Being that your typical basketball net hovers 10 feet above the ground, it would stand to reason that the NBA would be dominated by big guys. Average-sized gents, step to the right.

Or maybe not.

Throughout league history, a handful of sub-six-footers have given hope to those of us who didn't win the genetic lottery, demonstrating that desire, grit, and an outsized talent can allow one to not just survive, but thrive in the NBA.

Who's the biggest little dude, though? Which mighty-mites have been able to best stick it to their taller brethren on a nightly basis? By way of Basketball Reference's career win shares (an estimate of the number of wins contributed by a player), these are the top inch-for-inch hoopers in league history.