Ranking All 117 of the NBA Regular Season's Triple-Double Performances

Which player turned out the best triple-double, according to advanced analytics?

With more than a month remaining in the 2016-17 regular season, Ricky Rubio tallied the NBA's 79th triple-double, breaking the league's previous record set in 1988-89.

And it was from that point on that Russell Westbrook and numerous others tacked on an additional 38 triple-doubles in the matter of 39 days. This brought the total to 117 triple-double performances, or roughly 5.76% of all 2,460 regular season matchups.

With so many great individual games, how do we single out just one as the best? After all, there's so many things to consider -- points, rebounds, assists, workload and efficiency.

That's where nERD comes in.

nERD is a numberFire metric that measures a player's total contributions for a season or game, in this instance, based on efficiency. Through this, we can rank each individual triple-double game from highest to lowest nERD.

Having established that, who owns this season's best triple-double? Starting with number 117, let's get to it!