The 5 Best NBA Players From Each State

Who are the best hoopers to come out of their respective birthplaces?

NBA players can come from lots of different places, including overseas, college and -- in the past -- high school. But who are the best ones to come out of each state?

Using Basketball Reference's Frivolities page, we can access that information and build upon it through stats.

In order to find the top players from each state, the advanced metric of win shares is best to utilize. This is an estimate of the numbers contributed by a player over the course of a season or a career, telling us who has been the best and most valuable. And, for the purposes of this, it tells us who the five best have been for their birth state.

Now, some states -- Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho and Maine -- haven't had at least five players take to the NBA hardwood. For that reason, I've grouped them together as others. As for Vermont, not one player born there has ever come to play in the NBA.

With this in mind, I have sorted the states from ascending order of the number of NBA players produced, with the top five according to win share data.

Who is your state's finest?