The 10 Best NBA All-Star Game Performances of the Last 20 Years

Where does Russell Westbrook rank among the best All-Star game performances in the past 20 years?

All-Stars are All-Stars for a reason. They're the best the league has to offer. On a nightly basis, they're the talk of the NBA.

When you put them all together on one court, crazy things happen. From year to year, players produce unbelievable performances -- performances with full stat lines and oftentimes MVP awards attached. But, there have been too many to rattle off just a few as the best of the best.

How do we tell which are the best? Nothing a little advanced stats can't solve.

RealGM contains a lot of information on past All-Star Games, including advanced stats by year. Among these are win shares and player efficiency rating (PER). Win shares is an estimate of the total number of wins a player produces whereas PER is an efficiency statistic that boils a player's contributions down to one number.

The combination of the two, by game, helps us to sort through all the great All-Star Game performances by much more than box scores. Since 1996, there are only two players who have tallied 0.3 win shares in a single All-Star appearance. Too many others have attained 0.2 win shares, so that's where PER comes in, to help rank the top 10.

Who had the best performances by win shares (with PER as the tiebreaker)? Wait no longer!