Steve Souza May Have Made the Catch of the Year Last Night

Souza is known more for his ability to mash lefties, but he flashed the glove last night.

Not every baseball player -- even at the professional ranks -- is without weakness. We all know that.

But sometimes players excel so much at one aspect of the game that they find their way in the everyday lineup.

Take, for example, Tampa Bay Rays center fielder Kevin Kiermaier. His career wRC+ is 107, so he's barely better than an average run producer (100 is average).

However, his Defensive Runs Saved mark (59) ranks tops among 91 outfielders with at least 1,000 innings since 2014.

Last night, Kiermaier could only give props to his right fielder, Steven Souza, for what he did with his glove to rob Chris Davis.

To put some numbers to the play, peep this.

Sounds pretty nice.

But Souza isn't known for his fielding prowess. His -3 Defensive Runs Saved is tied for 53rd among those 91 qualified outfielders, and his Ultimate Zone Rating per 150 games (0.0) ranks 47th.

He's a pretty average outfielder based on those metrics, but he's known for his ability to hit left-handed pitching.

His career ISO of .228 ranks 33rd among 285 hitters with at least 100 plate appearances against lefties since 2014.

If he can keep making catches like that, though, hits will be hard to drop into the Tampa Bay outfield.