5 Daily Fantasy Baseball Studs for 4/27/16

Is Jake Arrieta worth paying a high price tag for on FanDuel tonight?

In daily fantasy baseball, pitchers are the cornerstone of your lineups. It’s important to spend wisely at the position; if your pitchers fail, your lineup is doomed.

But in any slate, it’s also important to select the correct top-priced hitters. Luckily for us, some top bats have excellent matchups today.

Let’s take a look at the FanDuel studs for today’s main slate.


Jake Arrieta, Chicago Cubs

$12,900 on FanDuel

Jake Arrieta has now thrown two no-hitters in his last 17 starts. Look at these numbers:

While he probably won’t throw another no-hitter tonight, Vegas certainly believes he’ll perform admirably. He’s a -330 favorite, which is one of the biggest you will ever find in Major League Baseball.

If you need another reason to roster Arrieta, his opponent tonight, Milwaukee, is second-to-last in the majors with a 26.0 percent strikeout rate.

Continue to ride Jake Arrieta while he’s pitching this well.

Matt Harvey, New York Mets

$9,300 on FanDuel

Let’s face it: Matt Harvey hasn’t been great in 2016.

So far this season, he’s posted three-year lows in both his walk rate and strikeout rate:

Year K/9 BB/9
2016 5.64 3.22
2015 8.94 1.76
2014 9.64 1.56

However, not all of it falls on Harvey, as he’s been victimized by a .351 BABIP. But with a career-low hard hit rate of 25.3 percent, it shows he’s just been purely unlucky on balls in play.

He’s also suffered from an unusually low strand rate of 63.6 percent.

Tonight, Harvey will face the Cincinnati Reds, who are 26th in the league versus right-handed pitching with a walk rate of just 7.0 percent. The Reds’ free-swinging mentality will certainly help Harvey limit his free passes.

As a -215 favorite according to Vegas tonight, look for Harvey to bounce back to his pre-2016 form.


Michael Conforto, OF, New York Mets

$3,800 on FanDuel

As we’ve detailed in this column in the past, Reds’ pitcher Jon Moscot is a target every time he takes the mound.

He’s struggled mightily to limit the production of lefties in his short MLB career thus far, and his numbers have actually worsened since the last time we discussed him.

He’s struck out them out just 10 percent of the time and has allowed an ISO of .230, a wOBA of .362, and a fly ball rate of 45.7.

The last batter Moscot wants to see is Michael Conforto, who is a destroyer of right-handed pitching -- last season, Conforto posted a .256 ISO and a .371 wOBA versus righties. This season versus them, he’s blasted three home runs and has increased his hard-hit rate to a ridiculous 59 percent.

Conforto is tonight’s top option and that’s including everyone from the Coors game.

Lucas Duda, 1B, New York Mets

$3,400 on FanDuel

If you’re a friend or family member of Jon Moscot (or if you’re actually Jon Moscot and you like to torture yourself by reading these articles), it may be time to close this page.

Basically, you should target any left-handed Met versus Moscot tonight.

If you only decide to roster a couple of them, Lucas Duda is the next best option. Last season, he hit righties with a .236 ISO and .354 wOBA. And not much has changed this season, as he’s already blasted three home runs off of right-handed pitching.

Take advantage of Moscot for as long as he is an MLB starter.

Byung-Ho Park, 1B, Minnesota Twins

$2,900 on FanDuel

By now, you’ve probably seen Byung-Ho Park’s numbers from his time in the Korean Baseball Organization. If you haven’t, be prepared to be wowed.

Last season, he hit 53 home runs and 35 doubles in 622 plate appearances.

Think the home runs were a fluke? Try again. He hit 52 of them the season before.

Many analysts and DFS players questioned how Park’s game would transition to the MLB. The answer so far has been “just fine.”

He’s crushed right-handed pitching in his short time here with a .304 ISO, 48.3 hard hit rate, and four home runs. His opponent tonight, Josh Tomlin, somehow managed to allow a massive .320 ISO versus righties in 32 innings last season.

If you're looking for a bigger sample, his career ISO allowed to righties is .201 and he’s struck out just 6.48 of them per nine innings.

Park has gone under-owned every single day this season -- take advantage of that tonight until his ownership catches up with his production.