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Daily Fantasy Baseball: Why It's Smart to Pay for Top-Tier Pitching

Baseball's top pitchers present a combination of upside and floor that position players don't, and this has key implications for daily fantasy baseball.

Balling on a budget ain't easy, y'all.

In my first apartment out of college, I tried to avoid energy costs whatever way I could. I suffered through the heat of the summer, and I was determined to do the same with the cold in winter.

That doesn't end well when you live in Minnesota.

I made it until the early part of December without budging. One night, though, I was eating dinner in the living room, and I saw this strange puff. There were two options: I had inhaled mold, and my lungs were on the verge of sacrificially lighting themselves on fire, or I could see my breath. Inside. It was time for a change.

Sometimes -- even when you're on a strict budget -- you've got no choice but to pay up. That's a lot how pitching works in daily fantasy baseball.

The best pitchers on a given slate are going to run you a good chunk of the total salary you have to play with. However, with the points you get from pitching and the consistency and predictibility of pitchers relative to hitters, this is a loss you just kind of have to take.

Let's go through this to explain why it's (more often than not) important to pay up for pitching both in cash games and tournaments.

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