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Daily Fantasy Baseball: The Immense Value of Hard-Hit Rate

Not all stats provide a clear picture from which to draw conclusions. Hard-hit rate is different, and it should be a key cog in your daily fantasy baseball research.

Just looking at the name of various statistics, you'd think you're sipping on an alphabet soup. You've got your wOBA, your wRC+, your BABIP. Some are common sense once you're familiar with them, but if you're not, your eyes will be swimming.

Then you get a stat like hard-hit rate. The stat's utility is right in its name. Bless you, benevolent Sabermetricians.

It isn't just simplicity that makes a stat like hard-hit rate our shining beacon of Gucciness, though. The data that it provides is something that can help take our daily fantasy baseball performance beyond what most other stats can do.

Let's run through just why hard-hit rate is as good as it sounds. If they're going to make things easy on us by presenting us with the golden goose of statistics, we may as well take advantage.

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