4 Daily Fantasy Baseball Stacks for 5/19/15

The Texas Rangers have sneakily been bopping against left-handers this year, and they get one tonight in Wade Miley.

Each day here on numberFire, we'll be providing you with four potential offenses to stack in your daily fantasy lineups. These are the offenses that provide huge run potential on that given day based on matchups and other factors.

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Now, let's get to the stacks. I'm not going to include either the Phillies or Rockies at Coors as it's a big enough slate to find some value elsewhere. You should totally still try to slide some of their tastiness into your lineup, but you can save by basing your stacks around these cheaper options. Here are the teams you should be targeting in daily fantasy baseball today.

Toronto Blue Jays

Dear Hector. It's not you. It's them. You've gotten off to a nice start this year, but you are about to run into a buzzsaw. The Blue Jays lead the league in wOBA off of lefties. It just wasn't meant to be for the two of you. There are plenty of other teams out there with which you will have such better chemistry. Might I suggest the Brewers, perhaps?

I may have sold that short there. The Blue Jays don't just lead the league in wOBA against left-handers. They create a whole new tier to domination. Their wOBA against left-handers sits at .385 through the first 326 plate appearances. What's the second highest mark? That would be the Detroit Tigers at .353, a full 33 points lower. Dat ain't right, doe.

Additionally, not all of Hector Santiago's success is sustainable. Sure, he has a 2.41 ERA, but it's coupled with a 3.98 FIP and a 4.52 xFIP. Opponents only have a .263 BABIP against him, and he has stranded 86.8 percent of all runners, two numbers that should regress. He's certainly not bad, but he's out-pitching his peripheral statistics at this point. If he were facing any other team, I wouldn't recommend this, but homie gonna have his hands full tonight.

Baltimore Orioles

I kind of feel bad for Taijuan Walker. He looked good in his 38 Major League innings last year as a 21-year-old, and all this did was up the expectations for a guy who people already regarded highly. Now, he has stumbled to a 7.22 ERA and a 5.02 FIP through his first seven starts in 2015. He'll eventually bounce back, but it doesn't look like he's ready to do so yet.

Of the 127 pitchers that entered play yesterday with at least 30 innings pitched, Walker ranked fifth in hard-hit rate against. Dudes are mashing little brudduh, and that's not a desirable situation when you have a date with the Orioles on the docket.

The Orioles enter this game with the seventh highest wOBA in the league against right handers. They also entered play yesterday tied for second in home runs off of righties, elevating their slugging percentage to .428. They are quite tasty with the woodwork.

The one qualifier I would add to this is that Walker is not necessarily a great match-up for the O's specifically. One of the larger ailments this year for Walker has been the base on balls as he has averaged 4.01 walks per nine innings. The Orioles rank 26th in the league in walk percentage and have the fifth highest chase percentage in the league. Nobody has been chasing Walker's pitches outside the zone this year, but if the O's start, that could turn things in his favor. It's not enough to get me to push this stack aside, but it does amplify my blood pressure about two slices of bacon as I click that little green cross next to all of the O's names.

Texas Rangers

I will admit to not knowing something before cruising around Fangraphs last night: the Texas Rangers rank fifth in the league in wOBA off of left-handed pitchers this year. They have been bopping balls to the tune of a .452 slugging percentage, which ranks them third in the league. Now, they get Wade Miley and his 5.60 ERA and 5.04 xFIP. Thank you, sir, may I have another?

Miley did get all silly on 'em in his last time out, holding the Oakland A's without a run over 6.2 innings. He also only struck out one batter while walking four, so me thinks the runs column is a teensy bit deceptive in this instance. I seriously can't wait until he throws a two-hit shutout with seven walks and two K's tonight.

Y'all know about Adrian Beltre's ownage of left-handers, but Kyle Blanks has been pumping out some jiggle juice of his own. He may only have 16 plate appearances off of lefties, but he has exited the building in three of those plate appearances. He'll cost you $3,600 on DraftKings, so I say roll with it and let the dongs flow freely, my friends.

Miami Marlins

I'm honestly a bit surprised the over/under of this game is just at 8 as I could really see a justifiable stack of either team. The Marlins are scuffling right now, as evidenced by their managerial change, but they could snap out of that tonight.

With Jeremy Hellickson on the bump, things start to look a bit more optimistic. He has a 5.92 ERA coupled with a 4.65 FIP and a 4.55 xFIP through seven starts. Hellickson traditionally has induced a below-average number of ground balls, though he actually has increased that this year to 43.1 percent.

I'm sure I'm not the only person outchea waiting for the Christian Yelich bounceback. These streets be getting lonely, though. He's hitting .152/.263/.273 since his return and only has a 9.5 percent hard-hit rate. The one positive is that his price on DraftKings is down to $4,000, meaning it won't cost you an arm and a leg to roster his struggling tushy, and I think I'd actually take that in this match-up despite the 0-fer potential.