4 Daily Fantasy Baseball Stacks for 5/11/15

The Dodgers' offense has been poppin' lately, and they get a plus matchup tonight.

Each day here on numberFire, we'll be providing you with four potential offenses to stack in your daily fantasy lineups. These are the offenses that provide huge run potential on that given day based on matchups and other factors.

After reading through these suggestions, make sure to check out our daily projections. These can either let you know which players to include in each stack, or which guy best complements said stack.

Another great tool is our custom optimal lineups, which are available for premium subscribers. Within the tool, we've added the option to stack teams -- you choose the team you want to stack, show how many players you want to use within the stack, and the tool will create a lineup based on this that you can then customize.

Now, let's get to the stacks. Here are the teams you should be targeting in daily fantasy baseball today.

Baltimore Orioles

When the Orioles play the Blue Jays, there's a good chance you should stack one of those teams. In the six games they have played this year, at least one team has scored seven or more runs five times, and they have scored 10 combined runs four out of six times. With Ubaldo Jimenez's crazy high ground-ball rate this year, I'm bumping with the Orioles in this one.

Marco Estrada had been pitching well for the Jays while he was in the bullpen, but the second he entered the rotation, he reverted back to 2014 Marco. This means a high fly ball rate against the team that entered yesterday tied for fourth in the league in home runs. Tied with the Blue Jays, of course.

The other advantage to stacking the Orioles vis a vis the Blue Jays is pricing. I get that he's in a slump, but Adam Jones at $4,300 on DraftKings is of a criminal nature. Any time a borderline superstar with a .360/.402/.577 slash will run you only that much, that should get your attention, regardless of whatever kind of slump he's in. With the matchup Jones and the Orioles have, let those happy tears flow, my friends.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers entered yesterday leading the league in slugging percentage by 32 points. They were also first in home runs and second in on-base percentage. Today, they get Tom Koehler and the Marlins. Want.

I get that part of this is bound to regress, but Koehler is giving up 1.92 home runs per nine innings. That ranks fifth among qualified pitchers this year, which is sub-Gucci. This isn't totally an anomaly as he does have a below-average ground-ball rate at 38.5 percent, so giddy up.

The great part about the Dodgers is that they have cheaper options in Howie Kendrick and Jimmy Rollins hitting near the top of the order. They might not be the best options on the team individually, but it makes racking up the plate appearances in a cash game easier and more affordable. They haven't really been a bad stacking option much this year, but today is even more so.

Washington Nationals

Josh Collmenter really isn't the best stacking option because he has marginally exceeded expectations with his 3.40 ERA thus far. What makes him a viable option here is that he doesn't strike a ton of people out and he has a low groundball rate. When you're facing a team that's stroking it like the Nationals, that can be enough.

In the 16 games in which Denard Span has played, the Nats have averaged 5.38 runs per game. Not only has he been killing it, but he also bumps other players into more appropriate spots in the order.

Because of said dopeness, though, the Nationals are going to cost you. Bryce Harper is up to $5,500 on DraftKings, and four other players cost more than $4,500. If you can snatch someone higher in the order at less than that, it would be in your best interest to do so because these bats could bop tonight.

Pittsburgh Pirates

I promise this is the last time I try this if it doesn't work. The Pirates' offense has been in a season-long slump, and it has burned many a poor soul. But I think tonight could be different.

The Buccos have started to turn things around their past four games (averaging 5.75 runs per contest), but that's not nearly enough off of which to derive confidence. However, a date with Jerome Williams and his 5.18 ERA is.

With Josh Harrison hitting lower in the order, he's far less attractive. That said, his .178/.214/.290 slash isn't going to last. He has a .198 BABIP despite a 21.6 line-drive percentage. Translation: the baseball gods done did him wrong. If they start to show the man the smallest amount of mercy, he will regain at least some of the sweetness that made him so ill last year.