4 Daily Fantasy Baseball Articles to Get You Started for the New Season

Getting ready for some daily fantasy baseball? Before you get started, make sure you check out these four articles.

We've been covering the upcoming MLB season for some time now, and because we're cranking out content, it's easy to miss some things. And that's unfortunate. It's especially unfortunate when those missed articles can make you some cash-money.

Since January, our own Jim Sannes has worked on a few (four) articles that will surely help your daily fantasy baseball abilities in 2015. Check them out below.

How Scoring Impacts Pitcher Selection in Daily Fantasy Baseball
Naturally, scoring matters in daily fantasy baseball. And each DFS site has their own unique scoring system that could alter the player choices you make. In this piece, Jim takes a look at how your pitcher choices could change depending on the site you're playing on.

How Scoring Impacts Player Selection in Daily Fantasy Baseball
Just like the article above, Jim takes the same approach and analyzes things from a hitter standpoint. Should you target particular types of hitters depending on the site you're playing on? The answer is yes, but you'll have to read on to find out exactly how things change from site to site.

5 Underpriced Players for Early-Season Daily Fantasy Baseball
Daily fantasy sites will often take time to change player pricing -- one big game, especially in baseball, won't necessarily catapult a low-cost player into being a high-cost one. As a result, there could be significant value plays for a good portion of the early part of the season. This article targets five of those players.

5 MLB Hitters With Strange Righty Versus Lefty Splits
Right-handed hitters will generally hit left-handed pitchers well, while left-handed hitters will usually mash righties. Some players, though, have interesting splits. And you should know who these players are when you're constructing a lineup.