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4 Daily Fantasy Baseball Stacks for 8/2/18

Two days removed from a historic offensive explosion, the Nationals are in a spot to produce big numbers once again. Which other offenses should you be building around tonight?

Stacking can be a controversial topic in many daily fantasy sports, but you can count baseball as a glaring exception. Here, it's universal.

Using multiple players on the same team on a given day presents you with the opportunity to double dip. If one of your players hits an RBI double, there's a good chance he drove in another one of your guys. When you get the points for both the run and the RBI, you'll be climbing the leaderboards fast.

Each day here on numberFire, we'll go through four offenses ripe for the stacking. They could have a great matchup, be in a great park, or just have a lot of quality sticks in the lineup, but these are the offenses primed for big days that you may want a piece of.

Premium members can use our new stacking feature to customize their stacks within their optimal lineups for the day, choosing the team you want to stack and how many players you want to include. You can also check out our hitting heat map, which provides an illustration of which offenses have the best combination of matchup and potency.

Now, let's get to the stacks.

Washington Nationals

On Tuesday, the Washington Nationals went off for 25 runs in a record-setting win over the New York Mets. Yesterday's game, however, was more of a run-of-the-mill outcome: a 5-3 win over Noah Syndergaard and company. But it's apparent that the Nats' offense has awoken from its slumber, meaning good things for them today against Tyler Mahle and the Cincinnati Reds.

In 21 starts, the 23-year-old Mahle possesses a 4.53 ERA, 4.46 skill-interactive ERA (SIERA) and 4.37 xFIP. He's benefited from an above-average batting average on balls in play (BABIP; .314), and neither his 10.0% swinging strike rate nor his 41.5% hard-hit rate are particularly frightening. And it's for that reason that the Nationals enter today with a juicy implied total of 4.87 runs.

Mahle hasn't reached a sample size of 250 batters against either side of the plate, but a 45.0% hard-hit rate, 46.9% fly-ball rate and .414 weighted on-base average (wOBA) has amounted to a stackable 5.43 xFIP for left-handed hitters. We don't have to avoid right-handed bats altogether, though the combination of Mahle's splits and Washington's strong lefty bats could prove valuable this evening.

Bryce Harper ($4,000) is the foundation of a Nationals stack. He's had his struggles in 2018, but the star outfielder has still put together a 42.3% hard-hit rate, 42.0% fly-ball rate and .272 isolated power (ISO) against right-handed pitching. Juan Soto ($3,800) is immediately behind him in the fifth spot, hitting to a .389 wOBA and .232 ISO with the platoon advantage and producing a .447 wOBA overall in the last 10 games.

At the front end of the lineup, Adam Eaton ($2,900) is an option, boasting a .387 wOBA and 39.2% hard-hit rate against righties over the last two years. As for the back end, Matt Adams ($2,900) and Daniel Murphy ($3,200) are projected to hit sixth and seventh, respectively, which could make for a nice four-through-seven stack. Adams has a .401 wOBA and .289 ISO with the platoon advantage while Murphy -- who possesses a .347 wOBA this year -- enters with .387 wOBA and .223 ISO against righty pitchers over the last two seasons.

Finally, if you want to venture into the right side, you could opt for Trea Turner ($3,900) and his combination of power (13 home runs) and speed (28 stolen bases). However, if you're looking for a three-to-six or two-to-five stack -- if you're not rostering Max Scherzer ($11,800), too -- Anthony Rendon ($3,700) also has respectable numbers with a .352 wOBA and .215 ISO versus right-handed hurlers while tallying elite batted-ball figures (44.2% fly-ball rate and 40.0% hard-hit rate).

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