How Will the Top Rookie MLB Position Players From Last Season Perform in 2015?

Jose Abreu and Kevin Kiermaier excelled at the plate while guys like Billy Hamilton dominated the basepaths. How will they do in 2015?

2014's crop of rookie position players gave us two of baseball's most exciting players.

Jose Abreu and Billy Hamilton probably don't have much else in common, of course, as Abreu is your prototypical slugger, while Hamilton derived almost all of his value from his base running and defense.

The White Sox first baseman led all rookies in both fWAR (5.2) and rWAR (5.5), and Hamilton joined Kevin Kiermaier, Danny Santana and Ender Inciarte in the top-five among rookies in both metrics.

As we did with pitching earlier in the week, let’s take a look at how these five players will fare in 2015.