Sannes' 10 Dynasty Fantasy Baseball Players to Buy Before Opening Day

Paul DeJong has already shown pop in the big leagues, but his spring stats indicate he could be adding to his fantasy portfolio in 2019. Which other players should we buy in dynasty leagues before opening day?

It's that dreaded decision that crops up several times a year. You stare at your computer, hoping the cursor will make the decision for you, accidentally clicking the "Purchase" button hovering on the screen. Do you buy the plane tickets now or hold off and hope the price goes down?

On the one hand, these tickets are already outrageous, so how much worse can it get?

On the other, the second you close that tab, you know those prices are going to at least triple. You will be able to buy a small sedan for what the tickets will cost 30 minutes from now.

Because we don't know how the fluctuation of airfare prices works, we become paralyzed, wondering whether we should give in or roll the dice. If we knew the process, we could at least make an informed decision, but unless you work behind the scenes, that ain't happenin'.

In dynasty fantasy baseball, it's different.

Here, there are clear inflection points where the cost of acquiring a certain player will either go up or go down. It could be when they get called up, join a new team, or gain a new role on the squad. A lot of times, we can at least have an idea of when these changes will occur.

Opening day is one of them.

Once the full regular season games start taking place on March 28th, we'll finally get to see players in their new roles and on their new teams. The second that happens, perception of players will change drastically, and the toll of acquiring them will shift right along with it. We're not operating in the dark like we are with plane tickets.

Given that opening day is now just around the corner, it's time to get cranking in dynasty leagues so we can gobble up players before that inflection point hits. It's possible things won't pan out as expected, but when we do successfully get in on a player before he blows up, the rewards are mighty spicy.

Today, we're going to run through 10 players whose dynasty prices could be on the verge of a major increase once opening day rolls around. They're not all going to be bottom-of-the-barrel assets who will come without resistance, but the cost on them now seems likely to be lower than it will be in two weeks.

Which players should we be targeting in dynasty leagues before all the clubs get 2019 underway? Let's check it out.