10 Fantasy Baseball Players to Buy and Sell for Week 13

A couple players coming off the disabled list -- including Wil Myers -- lead this week's list of players to buy and sell for Week 13. Who else has shifting value in season-long fantasy baseball?

In season-long fantasy baseball, the art of wheeling and dealing, especially at this time of year, when injuries can ravage a fantasy roster and hot and cold streaks seem rampant, is especially important.

Knowing when to buy low and who to sell at their highest value is tricky business. No one wants to sell a player they think is going to crater only to see that player provide a lot of fantasy production all season long, and no one wants to buy a player on a hot streak only to see him crash down to earth.

Every week, we take a look at 10 players that you should either be buying shares in or selling. This week's list features two players coming off the disabled list, a slugger we told you to buy low on a while ago, and two closers that you should either be trying to move off your roster or get onto your squad.