Fantasy Baseball: Should You Believe in These 5 Starting Pitchers?

These five hurlers have gotten off to fast starts, but are they for real?

With just two weeks of this year's six-month-long marathon complete, it's difficult to say anything about any player with a lot of certainty.

If a player is off to a hot start, is it simply a good 10-game stretch? Is it a 10-game stretch that we would otherwise ignore in the middle of the season? Or is it for real? Is it an indication that a player is about to have a great season this year?

So far, there have been a number of young starting pitchers that have raced out to fast starts, putting up quality stats and earnings big wins for their teams. Five young hurlers have been particularly impressive, but is their early-season blitz a fortunate three-start run, or does it serve as proof that these guys are breaking out?

How should you approach these five pitchers in fantasy baseball?