Fantasy Baseball: 9 Players That Are Being Overvalued

The following nine players all enjoyed a solid 2017 campaign, but at their current Average Draft Position, you should avoid them on draft day.

Fantasy baseball is filled with a number of players who enjoyed a solid 2017 season. However, for a number of factors, they are looking at a 2018 in which they're staring at regression, fighting for playing time, or facing injury situations.

The players on this list are not ones projected to be "busts." Just about everyone on here should perform either typical to what they've done in the past or will still be solid this season. These are players who are either being drafted too high based on our season-long projections or have some factors going against them this spring that could mitigate success, though.

Here are nine players that, for one reason or another, are being overvalued with 2018 on the horizon.