Fantasy Baseball: 4 Pitchers to Stream for Week 26

It's been a resurgent September from Angels righty Garrett Richards, whose matchup against the tanking White Sox should help streamers tie a bow on their fantasy titles in Week 26.

For those of us still refreshing box scores and monitoring league standings, the season's final week is decidedly bittersweet. It's exciting to see the fruits of our labor come to some sort of fruition, even if we're more than a little bummed to know that the game that has structured so much of our time and attention over the past six months is drawing to a close.

This is what makes streaming more than just a strategy: it's a way to stay engaged in the process of play. We may seem ages removed from the fantasy drafts that set this season in motion, yet we're still capable of making decisions that effect the outcome of our fantasy fortunes.

So, one more time, let's think and scheme and play. Whether you need a shot in the dark to make one last desperate push in your standings, or a safe starter to fend off threats to your title, the waiver wire, as always, has one more play for you to make in Week 26.