5 Underrated Starting Pitchers in Fantasy Baseball This Season

Miami Marlins fireballer Jose Urena could be a good late-season addition to your fantasy baseball squad. What other hurlers might help you win your league?

Pitchers who get off to great starts are easy to find in fantasy baseball because the numbers are obvious to anyone who checks. But how about a player who gets off to a rough start, then turns the jets on in the middle of summer and is a sneaky pick-up despite those iffy early-season numbers? Or how about a guy who has come up from the minors with little fanfare who might be worth a look?

The strategy works best in deeper leagues, but it can be fun -- at least in the eyes of yours truly -- to scavenge, research and find these hidden gems who are hiding in plain sight. So who do we like that might be a bit underrated and not owned nearly enough in fantasy baseball right now?

Let’s take a look.