Fantasy Baseball: 5 Hitters Who Have Been Crushing the Ball Recently

Lorenzo Cain's batted ball profile has changed drastically since April. Who else has seen significant improvement?

For all those who played Little League baseball, tell me this doesn't sound familiar:

"If you hit the ball hard consistently, good things are bound to happen at some point."

As it turns out, your coaches weren't lying, and this strategy isn't just limited to youth players -- it seems like big league hitters also keep it in mind. I mean, just ask Mike Zunino how that's working out for him so far this month.

When trying to find some more offense in fantasy baseball -- either on the waiver wire or through trades -- it's almost always necessary to look deeper than the traditional counting stats. This potentially allows us to find hidden value in a player who others aren't considering as seriously.

The following five players each struggled with making hard contact in April but have since transformed that part of their game from a weakness into a strength. To qualify here, hitters had to finish the season's first month with a hard-hit rate south of 30.0%, along with taking significant steps forward each month since.