4 Daily Fantasy Baseball Players to Avoid on 6/20/17

The Red Sox have a high implied team total, but you can do better than pay up for Xander Bogaerts in DFS tonight.

It's rare that on a full 15-game slate we can have such limited pitching options, but that's what we have tonight.

It's pretty much Chris Sale ($11,700) then everyone else, and it's not all that close. The Kansas City Royals' active roster doesn't strike out much against lefties (17.6% rate), but with a 35.2% strikeout rate, that shouldn't be a problem for Sale. To this point, he's only had one game all season below 40 FanDuel points.

If you really want to go somewhere else, you can take a stab at Michael Pineda ($8,900), who has a solid matchup at home against the Los Angeles Angels. But who ever likes rostering the maddeningly inconsistent Pineda? In his last three starts he has two single-digit FanDuel performances. However, It's worth noting that Pineda has pitched far better at home (1.96 ERA) than on the road (6.25 ERA). Given that he calls Yankee Stadium home -- a good park for home runs -- it doesn't make much sense, but it's something to consider nonetheless.

With so little pitching, as you might imagine, there are tons of ways to go with your bats. Just look at all those glorious, red boxes on the implied team totals list. Even with a game at Coors Field, this means you don't necessarily need to force in bats from any one particular game.

But with so many options to choose from, we need to narrow things down a bit. Here are four guys to consider avoiding on tonight's FanDuel main slate.