Fantasy Baseball: 6 Players Who Have Completely Erased Their Slow Starts

It's not how you start but how you finish. These six players each endured a rough April, but they have been able to overcome it.

Now that June is upon us and summer is right around the corner, baseball season is officially in full swing, and for the most part, we can stop using the whole "small sample size" caveat when evaluating players. While some guys have been consistently good since Opening Day and others have been consistently bad, there is a group in the middle who have been riding a roller coaster with regard to their on-field performance.

Getting off to a bad start in April is by no means a death sentence to someone's season, but it's certainly a sub-optimal way to get things going. Thankfully for the following six players, they have been successful in erasing their respective slow starts, and at this point, it's probably hard to even remember that they struggled out of the gate.

In the process, they've likely also talked their fantasy baseball owners off the proverbial ledge thanks to becoming invaluable assets after being liabilities.