Fantasy Baseball: 5 Pitchers With Noteworthy Spring Training Stats

Strikeouts are everything, even in spring training. Which pitchers have posted interesting strikeout numbers that could have big fantasy implications?

You've got the World Baseball Classic, where Javier Baez is unleashing his illitude on the Earth through delicious gifs.

Then there's the NCAA Tournament, where buzzer beaters abound and Cinderella gets fitted for some new kicks.

Why in the world would you be paying attention to spring training right now?

The middle of March is a popping time for sports, so focusing on exhibition games in which bench bats get big run is far from appealing. We've got other goodies to distract us, so we don't need to stoop to be entertained.

Unfortunately, there's a ton of information that we're missing if we just completely toss the spring aside. It can't hurt to get a quick rundown of what all has happened that we need to know for fantasy baseball.

Sample sizes have gotten large enough where we can finally start to put some weight into what we're seeing out of starting pitchers. Strikeout rates stabilize after 70 batters faced, according to FanGraphs, and we're almost to that point now. Additionally, we saw that spring training stats like strikeout rate and walk rate do matter for hitters, meaning this would logically be true for pitchers, as well.

So which notable numbers have been posted while we've been off staring at shiny objects? Let's take a look at a few guys who are turning heads -- for good reasons or for bad.