League of Legends Daily Fantasy Helper: LCS, 6/12/20

FanDuel is offering League of Legends daily fantasy, and look, if you don't know what that is, it's okay.

I have you covered with a detailed but straightforward primer to get you all set up, whether you're a DFS player looking to dig into the new sport, or a League of Legends fan ready to take your action over to FanDuel.

The LCS Summer Split is officially here, and it starts with a two-game slate. The official schedule is here, which will show you each week they will have two games on Fridays, four on Saturdays, and four on Sundays. All matches are a single game, not a best-of-three series.

If you want an overview of the teams for this split, power rankings can be found here, and offer some insight on what to expect.

TeamsImplied Win ProbabilityPreseason Ranking
Evil Geniuses64.50%2nd
100 Thieves43.50%7th

Cloud9 won the Spring Split and was unbelievably dominant along the way. They made no changes to their roster and are looking to repeat as champions during the Summer Split.

MVP - 1.5x Points

Blaber, Cloud9 ($8,900) is the reigning MVP from the Spring Split and is an ideal option for the MVP spot. Not only did he have the highest Kill/Death/Assist Ratio (KDA) among junglers in the NA LCS during the Spring Split, but he had the fifth-highest clip overall -- regardless of position. Blaber carried a 71.5% Kill Participation (KP) rate in the Spring Split, yet another reason to have him in the MVP spot.

If Cloud9 are picking up kills around the map, there's a good chance Blaber will be involved in some way. FlyQuest were one of the only teams who could go head-to-head with Cloud9 in any capacity, so expect their best effort to open the season.


Licorice, Cloud9 ($8,600) is the best overall option for the top lane, and it's not close. As of now, there is no indication from Evil Geniuses on which of their two top laners -- Huni and Kumo -- will be the starter, combined with the fact we know that Solo and Ssumday are both underdogs in their respective matchups. Licorice is the safest option, but he is also the most expensive -- that is the way this should be viewed.


Svenskeren, Evil Geniuses ($8,600) has always been a highly-volatile player, and we see that in his stats from the Spring Split. He had the second-most assists among junglers in the LCS, but he also recorded the most deaths. He had the fourth-highest first blood percentage but had the second-lowest KP rate. Svenskeren is up and down, up and down. Piling up a ton of assists is great and brings him plenty of value -- just know there is risk associated with him.


PowerOfEvil, FlyQuest ($8,700) offers a bit of salary relief and leverage against the highly-owned Cloud9. PowerOfEvil finished the Spring Split with the most kills among Mids in the LCS, the fifth-highest KDA, and the fourth-highest KP%. He is an elite Mid-Laner, and at this lower salary, a viable DFS option even as an underdog.


Zven, Cloud9 ($10,200) was the best ADC in the LCS during the Spring Split. and it wasn't particularly close. He held a KDA of 12.3, while the player in second was at 9.1. He had a total of 87 kills, while the player in second had 66. And he had 109 assists, while second place had 98. He is not only the best ADC in nearly every category, he is considerably better than the rest of the competition.


IgNar, FlyQuest ($7,500) is the second-cheapest player on the entire slate and brings some much-needed salary relief to your lineups. Stacking Cloud9 should not only be the chalk option but, ultimately, the right option. Roster construction on this slate could come down to what pieces fit together -- since Cloud9 are so expensive -- and IgNar could be a key part in that.


Evil Geniuses ($7,700) went 1-1 against 100 Thieves in the Spring Split, and with the rosters largely the same, we can look back on the game they won to get an idea of their production. EG picked up nine towers, five dragons and one baron, along with grabbing first blood. They only lost three towers that game and held a +11 kill differential overall.