League of Legends Daily Fantasy Helper: LPL, 6/6/20

FanDuel is offering League of Legends daily fantasy, and look, if you don't know what that is, it's okay.

I have you covered with a detailed but straightforward primer to get you all set up, whether you're a DFS player looking to dig into the new sport, or a League of Legends fan ready to take your action over to FanDuel.

The LPL Summer Split is officially here and we have League of Legends DFS action back! There are matches every day from this Friday until August 9th. The LPL is considered to be one of the two best regions in the world, which should bring us high-quality League of Legends on a daily basis. If you want a quick overview of the teams and their rankings, check here.

Let's break down the LPL slate for Saturday, June 6th, and see who stands out. (Just a heads up, the slate locks at 5:00 a.m. EST.)

Star - 1.5x Points

Betty, Royal Never Give Up ($10,300)

Betty comes in as the most expensive player on the slate and should be popular since Royal Never Give Up (RNG) are strong favorites versus OMG. In the LPL Spring Split, we saw RNG finish in 7th place, and you can draw some conclusions as to where we saw the stats for Betty. Among ADCs, he was near the top in some areas, around league average in other areas, but overall a very strong ADC to put in the Star spot.

Notably, he held the fifth-highest Kill/Death/Assist Ratio (KDA), the fourth-fewest average deaths per game, the sixth-highest Kill Participation (KP) percentage, and the seventh-highest average kills per game. Across the board, he is a strong ADC with a high ceiling -- granting you plenty of fantasy points in the Star spot.


New, Royal Never Give Up ($7,800)

RNG has a new top laner for the Summer Split and his name is New. Yes, the new top-laner's name is 'New'. Regardless of that, he comes in as the cheapest top-laner on the slate and has been confirmed in the starting lineup. This is great for roster construction since he is super cheap and on the team who are favorites in this matchup.

The issue comes from the fact he is essentially an unknown entity at this point. During the Spring Split, he was in the second-tier Chinese League -- LDL -- and finished in 15th out of 25 teams. Look to use him in a stack, since we don't know how much fantasy value he brings on his own.


Xiaopeng, Dominus Esports ($8,300)

If you look above in the intro, you will see some power rankings for the teams coming into the Summer Split. Down in 16th place out of 17 teams, we see Victory Five. Who are Victory Five? Well, they are playing Xiaopeng and Dominus Esports, but if we look back to the Spring Split, we see that Victory Five finished in 17th place, with a series record of 0-16 and a map record of 1-32. They were by far the worst team in the league, since the team who finished in 16th place was 5-11 with a map record of 15-26.

Victory Five are terrible and we see Dominus Esports come in with a 74.1% implied win probability. Look to stack Xiaopeng and players from Dominus Esports, but know they could carry plenty of ownership given their prices and matchup.


Xiaohu, Royal Never Give Up ($7,800)

Xiaohu was the Mid-Laner for RNG in the Spring Split, and while they brought in a new Mid for the Summer -- Cryin -- Xiaohu was confirmed as the starter for this series. This is an interesting development, since Xiaohu is the cheapest Mid on the entire slate and the favorite in this series. We might not see Xiaohu stay as the starter for the entire split -- so look to buy-in now at this cheaper price tag.

During the Spring Split, Xiaohu averaged over 3.5 kills per game and 5.5 assists per game while holding the third-highest average Creep Score (CS) per game. He is an easy addition to an RNG stack since he is so cheap on this slate.


Smlz, Oh My God ($9,700)

OMG were a middle of the pack team in the LPL Spring Split, but we now see them up at 10th in the power rankings to start the Summer Split. That puts them as a fringe playoff team and one spot behind RNG in the rankings. It seems to be clear that RNG are the better team, OMG aren't as far behind as some might think and this could open up some leverage if you stack OMG.

Combined with the fact that RNG offer a few lower-priced options, OMG players could see lower ownership and make a great tournament play. That is the idea with Smlz at ADC -- considering we already spoke about Betty, who is, by far, the best ADC on the slate.


Mitsuki, Dominus Esports ($7,400)

Mitsuki is the Support for Dominus and is a bit more appealing than Ming ($7,900) from RNG, since he is $500 cheaper. Paying up for Betty and Smlz -- the two-most expensive players on the slate -- isn't the easiest thing on a two-game slate. Finding every bit of salary relief can go a long way in your lineups, and it's not as if Mitsuki is a punt play.

They are still the favorite over Victory Five -- who are terrible, we've established this -- so you are getting a cheaper player on the winning side. This all might seem obvious, but pay up for the stars, find the savings where you can, and stack the teams who are expected to win.


Dominus Esports ($7,300)

With RNG and OMG set to be a closer series, Dominus Esports could be the only option on the slate ready to pull the 2-0 sweep. If they are able to get that done, they would offer very strong point per dollar value, since they are the second-cheapest team on the slate and showed to have a very strong tower and dragon control -- dating back to their final games of the LPL Spring Split.