CS:GO Daily Fantasy Helper: DreamHack Masters Spring, Wednesday 5/27/20

With traditional sports on hold for now, esports has taken the front seat in DFS, and we now have Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to play on FanDuel. Affectionately known as CS:GO, two teams of five players compete on each map until one team reaches 16 rounds. Most series are played as a best-of-three and will feature teams from the DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 in North America and Europe.

If you are new to esports DFS or CS:GO DFS, take a look at the introduction piece with a rundown of format and scoring. All matches are best-of-three, and players will receive a bonus for completing a 2-0 sweep.

Another week and another CS:GO starting, which means we have a new set of matchups to breakdown. The DreamHack Masters Spring event is in action, with a European series and a North American series.

FaZe Clan vs. Fnatic

FaZe Clan picked up a 2-1 victory over Team Spirit yesterday, seeing the two final maps of the series go to overtime -- all with a substitute player. That player is 16-year-old Bymas ($10,300), who is standing in for olofmeister for this event. Bymas has very little experience at this elite level and isn't asked to do a lot for FaZe -- simply be a role player, no need to carry. He has played a total of six maps with them and has a positive kill-to-death differential on two of those maps.

NiKo ($11,800) is still the star of the team and comes in with 134 kills over these six maps -- an average of 22 kills per map -- which leads the team, and he also has the second-highest kill-to-death differential.

coldzera ($11,600) leads FaZe in kill-to-death differential, has a higher Headshot (HS) percentage compared to NiKo, and has a kill or an assist (KAST) in 74.7% of his rounds -- which is the highest FaZe. Both coldzera and NiKo are fantastic options versus Fnatic, a matchup that should go to a full three maps.

rain ($9,900) is the only player under $10K on FaZe, shouldn't carry too much ownership, and has posted 18 kills or more in four of his last five maps.

Fnatic are ranked as the third-best team in the world and should be able to handle the firepower FaZe Clan bring to this series.

Brollan ($12,000) comes in as the most expensive player on the slate and rightfully so. He finished 21 maps at the ESL Road to Rio with an average of 23.8 kills per map, a Headshot percentage at 52%, and posted over 30 kills on four different maps.

Over those same 21 maps for Fnatic, flusha ($11,500) carried a +32 kill-to-death differential -- the second-highest on the team behind Brollan -- but had a team-low Headshot percentage of 37%. He has a consistent floor with a potential for a high ceiling.

JW ($9,900) has a great price tag and posted 19 kills or more on five of his last six maps during the ESL Road to Rio. All things considered, he is a great overall combination of price and potential ceiling on this slate.

KRIMZ ($10,400) seems a bit too expensive and is a very inconsistent player as of late. For the 21-map sample size, he posted over 30 kills three different times but was also held to 12 kills or fewer three times. A wide range of outcomes is better for tournaments.

Gen.G Esports vs. Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses (EG) comes in as slight favorites in this matchup and are coming off a tough 2-1 series loss versus Cloud9 the other day. Gen.G are no pushover, as they are ranked 14th in the world, while EG are 8th, which should set us up for a good series.

Gen.G most recently played 17 maps at the ESL Road to Rio, where they were able to win the event and have three of their players finish with positive kill-to-death differentials. Those three players were autimatic ($11,300), BnTeT ($11,000), and koosta ($10,200), who held differentials of +54, +40, and +5, respectively.

BnTeT had the most kills with 327 -- an average of 19 kills per map -- with autimatic right behind him with a total of 321 kills, an average of 18.8 kills per map.

While koosta fell behind in pure kills compared to BnTeT and autimatic, koosta was the only player among these three with a Headshot percentage over 50%.

In EG's most recent series, Ethan ($10,000) looked absolutely horrible and finished with a -31 kill-to-death differential. That was a bit surprising since he was so strong at the ESL Road to Rio, when he averaged 20 kills per map. If you get the impression he will be lower-owned due to recency bias, he makes a great tournament play.

As you can imagine, Brehze ($11,100) is their best player -- also most expensive -- and averaged 19.6 kills per map at the ESL Road to Rio.

CeRq ($9,700) and tarik ($9,200) have essentially the same overall production in terms of kills. CeRq has the higher ceiling, but tarik is cheaper. If push comes to shove, try to jam CeRq into your lineups and find the savings elsewhere.