League of Legends Daily Fantasy Helper: EU Masters, Thursday 4/30/20

FanDuel is offering League of Legends daily fantasy, and look, if you don't know what that is, it's okay.

I have you covered with a detailed but straightforward primer to get you all set up, whether you're a DFS player looking to dig into the new sport, or a League of Legends fan ready to take your action over to FanDuel.

The slate is a bit different than what we normally have, so a bit of an explanation is needed. In the EU Masters, there are four groups of four teams. They are finishing up group play over the next few days and will have each day dedicated to only one group. The contests show only a single matchup, BUT the teams will play a full round-robin today, playing each team once. The players will play the same numbers of games (three), but they will be against three different teams.

If you want more information on the group stage and the schedule of these matches, look here. I'll give an overview of each team and the players you should be targeting, since they will be playing three different teams.


GamersOrigin are sitting at the top of Group A with a 3-0 record and are the favorites in all three of their matchups today. This group is shaping up to be very similar to what we saw yesterday -- a clear favorite in almost every matchup. GamersOrigin are not only 3-0 but looked very strong in each game, giving up very few towers and minimizing their deaths.

Shemek ($8,900) comes in with the highest Kill/Death/Assist Ratio (KDA) in the entire league -- 21.0 -- and has yet to die in any of their three games. bluerzor ($9,000) and XDSMILEY ($10,400) hold the fifth-highest and seventh-highest KDA in the EU Masters, respectively. They have three players in the top seven and are showing to be among the elite teams so far through group play.

Of course, mid laner toucouille ($9,300) or support HustlinbeasT ($7,900) are great stacking options as well -- it only comes down to the salary you have available. Again, they are the favorites in all three of their matchups and should carry plenty of ownership today.

Team GamerLegion

Team GamerLegion come in as the favorite in two of their three matches except the one against GamersOrigin. Their players are the second-most expensive at each position and should be viewed as a very strong option on this slate. When all is said and done, they could be the best stacking option since they aren't as expensive as GamersOrigin and are still favored in their other two matches.

Hjarnan ($9,700), Rabble ($8,600), and Nite ($8,900) should be the primary three players to target in a GamerLegion stack, as they are the ADC, support, and mid laner. GamersOrigin may bring higher upside -- since they have been piling on the kills in every game -- but GamerLegion are cheaper and allow more roster flexibility. Also, consider their team at $7,700 as a viable option today.

YDN Gamers

YDN sit with a 1-2 record -- third in the group -- but are underdogs in all of their matches today and see their players come in as the cheapest options on the slate. Yes, they are still the underdog against BT Excel, a team with an 0-3 record. A few inconsistencies overall, and I actually agree. BT Excel are 0-3 but could be the better and fantasy option on this slate.

Phantomles ($8,500) is cheap for a mid laner and naturally brings point per dollar value at his price. Jungler Tabasko ($8,000) had three kills and nine assists in their only match victory and will need to play a big role today if they want to win any of these matches. Cospect ($7,200) is their support and a viable punt option.

BT Excel

The interesting case of BT Excel. That is what comes to mind on this slate. They come in as very minor underdogs versus GamerLegion, solid underdogs versus GamersOrigin, and the favorite against YDN Gamers. They have a record of 0-3 to start group play, and yet they are a favorite in one of their matchups. As you would assume with a team who sits at 0-3, they don't have strong stats, so there isn't much to note with their KDA or recent performances.

Regardless of that, they present a legitimate option today and should be able to offer value as a stack. kaSing ($7,300) is one of the cheapest players on the entire slate but has limited upside as a support. Speical ($8,700) has only three kills in three games as their mid laner, which is far too low for what is expected of him. If they are going to win any of these games, he will likely play a larger role -- as is the norm for a mid laner. ADC Deadly ($9,600) is a very clear option, since he is the third-cheapest ADC, a position which brings high upside.