League of Legends Daily Fantasy Helper: LPL/LCK, Friday 4/10/20

FanDuel is offering League of Legends daily fantasy, and look, if you don't know what that is, it's okay.

I have you covered with a detailed but straightforward primer to get you all set up whether you're a DFS player looking to dig into the new sport or a League of Legends fan ready to take your action over to FanDuel.

Let's break down the LPL/LCK slate for Friday, April 10th, and see who stands out. (Just a heads up, the slate locks at 2:00 am Eastern.)

The Slate

It's a five-game slate split between the LPL and LCK. LPL and LCK matchups are a best-of-three format. Players who win a series in two games will get a 20-point bonus for a game not played. Winning teams get a 15-point bonus for a game not played.

The table shows a team's kill-to-death ratio (K:D) and their net tower score (towers gained versus towers surrendered). All stats are from The last two columns display a team's win and sweep odds based on simulations I've run on the matchups. The table is sorted by projected series win odds, which are based heavily on K:D and net towers.

Note: Due to issues with Riot's server, stats are updated through April 4th.

TeamOppK:DNet TowersWin%Sweep
FunPlus PhoenixVici Gaming1.583.279.0%48.9%
Dominus EsportsVictory Five0.81-1.775.9%46.4%
Top EsportsBilibili Gaming1.191.970.5%38.9%
T1KT Rolster1.603.070.0%38.4%
DragonXDAMWON Gaming1.412.663.4%34.3%
DAMWON GamingDragonX1.030.936.4%16.8%
kt RolsterT10.960.429.9%13.8%
Bilibili GamingTop Esports0.77-0.829.4%13.3%
Victory FiveDominus Esports0.44-5.723.9%10.2%
Vici GamingFunplus Phoenix0.92-1.920.8%8.8%

We've got some pretty big gaps on this slate, and no match rates out as a coin-flip. Of course, we can see upsets often in these leagues, so we don't have to avoid every underdog, but it's important to find winners.


Teddy (T1; $9,900) - Teddy leads the qualified AD Carries on the slate in KDA (kill/death/assist ratio) at 7.81, and nobody else is above 6.64. He also leads in creep score per game (369 -- not to be confused with Top Esports' top laner). Additionally, T1 are favored over kt Rolster. In-lane, Teddy will face Aiming ($9,100), who does die at the second-lowest rate (per game) of any ADC on the slate (Teddy is actually first).

Still, we're looking at a cheap-ish ADC with significant upside due to his team's likelihood to win, and that can help overcome a tougher-than-expected matchup in lane. You can always spend up for other heavy favorites, too, but Teddy is attractive due to the salary.

Others to Consider: Lwx (FunPlus Phoenix; $10,400), Photic (Top Esports; $10,200), GALA (Dominus Esports; $9,600)


knight (Top Esports; $9,300) - Mid isn't a position to punt with, and really, pairing knight with Doinb (FunPlus Phoenix; $9,600) looks spicy, as they rate out significantly better than other mid-laners for me in terms of overall fantasy situation on this slate. knight comes in $300 cheaper and is second on the slate among qualified mid-laners in KDA (5.54) behind only Doinb (6.20).

Top Esports are significant favorites with sweep appeal. In lane, he'll deal with FoFo (Bilibili Gaming; $8,900). FoFo ranks fifth among seven qualified mid-laners on the slate in KDA.

Others to Consider: Doinb (FunPlus Phoenix; $9,600), Faker ($9,100), xiye (Dominus Esports ($8,800)


369 (Top Esports; $8,600) - 369 is only $200 cheaper than Canna (T1; $8,800), but I still think 369 is plenty viable. We should prioritize ADC and mid with the strong options at those positions, and $200 can go a long way. Canna's 7.56 KDA is more than double 369's (3.57), but the main reason for it is that 369 dies way more often (2.65 per game compared to 1.13 for Canna). 369 actually has averaged more kills plus assists (9.46) than Canna (8.50) and more FanDuel points per game (24.7 to 23.2).

Anyway, Top Esports gets to face Bilibili Gaming, and Kingen ($8,200) is just seventh among nine qualified top laners on this slate in KDA (2.21). He also lets up 2.88 deaths per game, seventh in that subset.

Others to Consider: Canna (T1; $8,800), Khan (FunPlus Phoenix; $8,700); Nuguri (DAMWON Gaming; $8,200)


Pyosik (DragonX; $8,700) - Junglers rarely lead the scoreboard in fantasy points, so while there are good options above him, we don't always have to chase, and we can't always spend top dollar for every position. DragonX are favored here, and Pyosik is second in KDA among eight qualified junglers (5.16). He's first if you exclude Cuzz (T1; $8,500), who rotates with Ellim (T1, $8,500).

Pyosik also leads the qualified junglers in kill share (19.7%). His jungling opponent, Canyon (DAMWON Gaming; $8,200), is last in that stat (13.5%). The stats imply a gold and experience lead for Pyosik over Canyon in this one.

Others to Consider: Tian (FunPlus Phoenix; $8,900), Karsa (Top Esports; $8,800); Aix (Vici Gaming; $8,300)


Effort (T1; $7,700) - Effort can be stacked with Teddy ($9,900) to get access to a support with his AD Carry, and both are pretty cheap among the favored bottom-lane duos. Effort is the cheapest starting support on a favorite, and that's why I'm featuring him. The logic behind that is that a big game from an AD Carry with a lot of kills usually ties in with big assist numbers from supports. It's the strongest correlation there is in League DFS. Support is a position we can punt with a bit, but with a lot of high-upside AD Carries on the slate, consider saving some cash to get a duo bot lane.

Effort is fourth among the five favored supports in KDA but second in kill participation rate.

Others to Consider: Crisp (FunPlus Phoenix; $8,000), QiuQiu (Top Esports; $7,900), BeryL (DAMWON Gaming; $7,400)


With teams, it's best to treat them as a position you don't build around or punt with. Put another way: don't force it, but don't ignore it. Kind of like defense in NFL DFS. You should target the biggest favorites you can within your salary cap and avoid teams destined to lose 0-2.

The best value based on win odds here looks like Top Esports ($7,600). They boast real sweep potential, which would get them 15 bonus points and are the cheapest favorite available.

Others to Consider: FunPlus Phoenix ($8,200), T1 ($7,900), DragonX ($7,800), Bilibili Gaming ($7,300)