League of Legends Daily Fantasy Helper: LPL/LCK, Wednesday 4/8/20

Wednesday's LPL and LCK combined daily fantasy slate locks at 1:00 am. Which players should you build around?

FanDuel is offering League of Legends daily fantasy, and look, if you don't know what that is, it's okay.

I have you covered with a detailed but straightforward primer to get you all set up whether you're a DFS player looking to dig into the new sport or a League of Legends fan ready to take your action over to FanDuel.

Let's break down the LPL/LCK slate for Wednesday, April 8th, and see who stands out.

The Slate

It's a five-game slate split between the LPL and LCK. LPL and LCK matchups are a best-of-three format. Players who win a series in two games will get a 20-point bonus for a game not played. Teams get a 15-point bonus for a game not played.

The table shows a team's kill-to-death ratio (K:D) and their net tower score (towers gained versus towers surrendered). All stats are from The last two columns display a team's win and sweep odds based on simulations I've run on the matchups. The table is sorted by projected series win odds.

Team Opponent K:D Net Towers Series Win% Sweep%
Gen.G eSports APK Prince 1.74 3.5 79.9% 50.0%
DAMWON Gaming Griffin 1.03 0.9 79.0% 49.3%
Top Esports Team WE 1.19 1.9 61.7% 33.7%
Vici Gaming Rogue Warriors 0.92 -1.9 52.5% 26.5%
OMG Suning 0.96 0.3 50.4% 24.9%
Suning OMG 0.94 0.2 49.6% 23.6%
Rogue Warriors Vici Gaming 0.80 -2.3 47.8% 23.1%
Team WE Top Esports 1.07 0.0 38.3% 17.5%
Griffin DAMWON Gaming 0.72 -4.3 21.0% 8.9%
APK Prince Gen.G eSports 0.79 -2.0 20.1% 8.4%

ADC Picks

Ruler (Gen.G; $10,400) - Ruler and Gen.G Esports should roll over APK Prince, and Ruler leads the slate in KDA (kill/death/assist ratio) among ADCs. He's up at 7.4, and nobody else is above 4.4. There's huge sweep potential, and that means a 20-point bonus for Ruler, plus whatever he nets in the first two games. His in-lane opponent, HyBriD ($8,800), can linger in lane due to his elevated creep score per minute (a slate-best 10.0), but the overall team value on Gen.G Esports is hard to pass up. Ruler got stuffed by DragonX this weekend and should get back on track. Both Photic (Top Esports; $10,200) and Ghost (DAMWON Gaming; $10,000) are in great spots, as well.

Others to Consider: Photic (Top Esports; $10,200), Ghost (DAMWON Gaming; $10,000), iBoy (Vici Gaming; $9,600)


Angel (Suning; $8,700) - Angel has been a staple in the mid lane for Suning all split, and his squad should see a tight game. That could lend itself to a three-game series, and more games are never a bad thing. Angel ranks fifth among mid-laners on the slate in KDA, giving him an in-lane advantage over icon (OMG; $8,800) from that perspective. Angel has tallied 11, 15, 5, 19, and 12 combined kills and assists over his past five games.

Others to Consider: knight (Top Esports; $9,600); Bdd (Gen.G Esports; $9,100); ShowMaker (DAMWON Gaming; $8,900)


Nuguri (DAMWON Gaming; $8,700) - Top-lane turnover is fairly common in the LPL and LCK, so be sure to monitor starting lineup trends (here for LPL and here for LCK). Anyway, Nuguri has played every game of the season and is one of three top laners who really pop -- along with 369 (Top Esports; $9,100) and Rascal (Gen.G Esports; $8,800). Nuguri's low KDA (2.4) is pretty typical for the slate, but his elite creep score per minute (8.6) helps separate him from the bottom of the list. His team is favored to win, and a sweep is likely. The floor his high, and 20 free points could be in the cards, which is a decent amount for a top-laner.

Others to Consider: 369 (Top Esports; $9,100), Rascal (Gen.G Esports; $8,800), Morgan (Team WE; $8,200)


beishang (Team WE; $8,200) - beishang has played every match for Team WE, and even though the simulated series looks to favor Top Esports, beishang still is a play for salary relief. Of losing players, junglers and top laners can still overcome their situations a bit. beishang actually leads the junglers on this slate in FanDuel points per game and is second in KDA. Despite that, he is priced down significantly. We have to worry about the loss potential, but some value is there regardless.

Others to Consider: Karsa (Top Esports; $9,000), Haro (Rogue Warriors; $8,900), SofM (Suning; $8,400)


Hang (Vici Gaming; $7,300) - It's always an upside play to stack your support with your AD Carry. You don't always have to do it, but Hang and iBoy are a value stack option. Hang sits fifth in KDA among supports, but that includes two supports from Gen.G (Life and Kellin), who split their most recent series. Hang is involved in 76% of Vici Gaming's kills, the best rate of any support on the slate. Vici Gaming could be looking at a three-game series, as well.

Others to Consider: QiuQiu (Top Esports; $8,000), BeryL (DAMWON Gaming; $7,900), SwordArt (Suning; $7,400)


With teams, it's best to treat them as a position you don't build around or punt with. Put another way: don't force it, but don't ignore it. You should target the biggest favorites you can within your salary cap and avoid teams destined to lose 0-2. Top Esports ($7,400) are pretty cheap and have strong win odds based on my simulations.

Others to Consider: DAMWON Gaming ($8,000), Gen.G Gaming ($7,900), Vici Gaming ($7,200)