League of Legends Daily Fantasy Helper: LCS, Sunday 3/22/20

With the sports world on pause right now, we can turn to esports as a place for some fantasy action, and that leads us to the North American League Championship Series -- better known as the LCS.

They too were on a break but are back and set to continue with their regular season. Now, you might be asking, what is League of Legends? What is League of Legends DFS? If you need more info, look to the introduction piece put together to get a better understanding. That will give you an overview of the game itself, the position you need to pick in DFS, and some tips about stacking. At the end of the day, this is DFS and you can learn while the other sports are on hold.

LCS Overview

The LCS has 10 teams, and we will see them all in action today, for a total of five matchups. We want to be targeting higher scoring players for the Star 1.5x Points spot and look to stack some teams in the other five positions. The schedule of games and the standings for the teams can be found here.


Jensen, Team Liquid ($8,700)

Jensen and Team Liquid are taking on Golden Guardians today, and we might want to consider him as an option for the Star position. He is a mid-laner -- who generally score among the most points on a team -- and has a modest price tag all things considered. Despite an up and down season for Team Liquid, he still finds himself among the elite options in the NA LCS, posting the third-highest Kill/Death/Assist Ratio (KDA) among mid-laners, the fourth-highest Kill Participation (KP%), and the best Creep Score differential at 10 mins. The team might be faltering around him, but he is cruising along, posting consistent fantasy points week in and week out.


Licorice, Cloud9 ($9,400)

Licorice is one of the best top laners in the LCS, and to say that Cloud9 are in a good spot today would be a massive understatement. Cloud9 is in the number one team in the LCS, and they are taking on Counter Logic Gaming, who are the worst team in the league. This isn't an exaggeration; these are just facts. Licorice comes in with the best KDA among top laners, the fewest deaths, the second-best Creep Score per minute, and the fourth-most kills. He is expensive, but Cloud9 should roll over CLG today so you want some Licorice in your lineups.


Svenskeren, Evil Geniuses ($8,200)

Svenskeren and EG are taking on Dignitas, and it could set up to be an important game since they are separated by only a few wins in the standings. I like the jungle/support stack, since they are two positions that can really rack up plenty of assists and aren't too expensive. Sven leads the LCS in assists for junglers and is around the middle of the pack when it comes to nearly everything else. He has six or more assists in four straight matches, with only three total deaths across his last three matches, but comes in with the most deaths for junglers. He is a boom-or-bust play and is great for tournaments.


Froggen, Dignitas ($8,500)

Spending down at mid is always a tough decision, since you could be losing out on major fantasy points -- but we might have a spot to attack here. Froggen might not pop off and have 10 kills, but he brings a solid floor of points and offers plenty of safety. He has the lowest share of his team's deaths for mid-laners, the second-highest Kill Participation, and the fourth-best Creep Score differential at 10 mins. He might not be a ceiling-type player, but it's tough to pass on the consistency at his lower price point.


Kobbe, Team SoloMid ($9,800)

Kobbe is consistent, has upside, and is a great pick for any format today. You can use him in a stack, or you can use him solo. That is the short way to put things for Kobbe, who comes in with the third-most kills among ADCs, the third-most assists, fifth-best KDA, and the third-best Creep Score per minute. In the grand scheme of things on this slate, Kobbe shouldn't be too highly owned, but you want every share of him you can possibly get. Over his last three games, he has two deaths, 12 kills, and 16 assists, bringing massive points to your lineups.


Zeyzal, Evil Geniuses ($8,000)

As I mentioned above, the jungle/support stack is something I look for, and Zeyzal is the other half of that for EG. He has the third-best KDA for supports, the third-highest KP%, the lowest share of team's deaths, and the third-best first blood rate. Over his last three matches, he has eight or more assists in each one, and he is facing off against Dignitas' bot lane, who have the fourth-most and fifth-most deaths for their two players. He is racking up the assists in each and every game and now faces a bot lane with no discipline.


Team Liquid ($7,200)

It'd be great to spend up and get Cloud9 today -- $8,200 -- but they are a bit too expensive and we can find some savings. Team Liquid are the third-cheapest team and are starting to look halfway decent. They have picked up the first blood in four straight games, have two or more dragons in two of their last four games, have one baron in three of their last four games, and have six turrets or more in three of their last four. The points are there for them, and they are very fairly priced for their matchup versus Golden Guardians.