League of Legends Daily Fantasy Helper: LEC, Friday 3/20/20

FanDuel's first ever League of Legends slate is live for Friday. Who should you target?

FanDuel is offering League of Legends daily fantasy, and this is dope.

If you don't know what that is, it's okay. I have you covered with a detailed but straightforward primer to get you all set up whether you're a DFS player looking to dig into the new sport or a League of Legends fan ready to take your action over to FanDuel.

Let's break down the LEC slate for Friday, March 20th.

The Slate

Per usual, it's a five-game slate, and here is how each team matches up. The table is sorted by differential in Kill:Death ratio, which correlates very strongly to win rate. Other stats listed include gold spend differential (GSD), first baron rate (FBN%), and jungle control (JNG%) as well as each team's opponent mark in the category. These all are tied closely to win rate.

Team Opp. K:D Opp.
GSD Opp.
FBN% Opp
JNG% Opp
Origen VIT 1.48 0.52 0.96 4.8% -8.4% 69.0% 8.0% 50.7% 45.5%
Misfits FCS1.36 0.80 0.56 3.0% -6.4% 62.0% 33.0% 52.2% 47.3%
MAD Lions SKG1.00 0.48 0.52 -0.9% -6.6% 57.0% 25.0% 52.0% 45.1%
Fnatic ES1.29 0.83 0.46 6.2% 0.8% 62.0% 57.0% 53.0% 48.2%
G2 Esports ROG 1.42 1.40 0.02 3.8% 3.8% 64.0% 57.0% 54.8% 51.2%
Rogue G2 1.40 1.42 -0.02 3.8% 3.8% 57.0% 64.0% 51.2% 54.8%
Excel Esports FTC 0.83 1.29 -0.46 0.8% 6.2% 57.0% 62.0% 48.2% 53.0%
SK Gaming ML 0.48 1.00 -0.52 -6.6% -0.9% 25.0% 57.0% 45.1% 52.0%
Schalke 04 MG 0.80 1.36 -0.56 -6.4% 3.0% 33.0% 62.0% 47.3% 52.2%
Vitality OG 0.52 1.48 -0.96 -8.4% 4.8% 8.0% 69.0% 45.5% 50.7%

ADC Picks

Rekkles, Fnatic ($10,600) - Rekkles will cost you, but he's generally worth it. Fnatic's ADC churns out fantasy points at the second-highest rate in the LEC among ADCs, and he leads all ADCs in KDA at 8.8, via OraclesElixir. His matchup with Excel Esports isn't anything to worry about, as they're sixth in FanDuel points per game allowed to opposing ADCs. Rekkles is one of the highest-floor ADCs we've seen this season.

Caps, G2Esports ($9,900) - Caps and G2 are a dominant team, ranking second in overall K:D this split, en route to an 11-3 record. Caps leads the LEC in FanDuel points per game and leads ADCs in kill participation rate -- but is priced down a tad. The main issue is that Rogue rank first of 10 teams in FanDuel points per game allowed to opposing ADCs in this split. We still can unlock a high ceiling if G2 push through as expected.

Others to Consider: Upset ($10,300), Bvoy ($10,100), Hans Sama ($9,700)

Mid-Lane Picks

Perkz, G2 Esports ($9,000) - I'm going right back to the well with G2 Esports and singling out Perkz despite a tough on-paper matchup with Rogue, who do rank as the least generous team to opposing Mids. Perkz sits second in the split in KDA and is easily first in damage per minute laid down. He fits a G2 Esports stack.

Humanoid, MAD Lions ($8,400) - Humanoid is low on the totem pole in kill participation rate but comes at a discount for his matchup with SK Gaming, who rank seventh against opposing mid-laners. He's actually shown a high ceiling and does rank third in damage per minute.

Others to Consider: Larssen ($9,200), Febiven ($9,100), Nemesis ($8,700)

Top-Lane Picks

Alphari, Origen ($9,300) - We have a few strong picks at Top for this slate, including Dan Dan ($8,800 from Misfits) and Wunder ($8,700 from G2). Alphari, though, has a 5.7 KDA rate, and Wunder is second among top-laners at 3.9. Additionally, Alphari draws Vitality, who are a lowly 1-13 and rate out as a good top-lane matchup.

Bwipo, Fnatic ($8,400) - Bwipo has shown a high floor and actually had recorded 20 FanDuel points in the highest rate of his games (12 of 14) of all top laners. Excel Esports ranks as the most generous top-lane opponent, so I like the savings here.

Others to Consider: Dan Dan ($8,800), Wunder ($8,700), Expect ($8,100)

Jungle Picks

Jankos, G2 Esports ($8,900) - I know I'm heavy on G2, but it's for good reason, and Jankos has put up roughly 8.0 more FanDuel points per game, on average, than any other jungler. Like the rest of G2, he has a tough matchup with Rogue, but the consistency has been unmatched by any other jungler in the LEC.

Shadow, MAD Lions ($8,400) - Shadow has the biggest jungle control differential on the slate and is about middle of the pack in KDA this split among junglers. That's reflected in the price, and if we're spending up for two ADCs and a mid-laner, we'll need to save where we can. That could mean going with Shadow at jungle.

Others to Consider: Selfmade ($8,600), Razork ($8,500), Caedrel ($8,200)

Support Picks

Mikyx, G2 Esports ($7,400) - Supports don't always score a ton of fantasy points, and they pair well with their ADCs. So if we're going with the G2 stack, Mikyx and Caps are a good duo. Caps' relatively softer salary helps us spend top dollar on a support, too.

Tore, Excel Esports ($7,000) - Tore doesn't particularly stand out in any key stat, but building a strong team top to bottom is hard if we're not willing to save somewhere. I'd really implore you to find an extra $400 to get to Mikyx, but if you're punting anywhere, it should be Support.

Others to Consider: Denyk ($7,500), Hylissang ($7,100)

Team Picks

We can get as chalky as possible when filling out our team picks. It depends on how much salary we have left. You can basically pick in the order teams are listed in the matchup table at the top of the article, which again is sorted by differential in K:D. My favorite per-dollar pick is Mad Lions ($7,500). They've got the second biggest K:D differential and generally score FanDuel points (they're third in the LEC there). SK Gaming ranks sixth in team points allowed.