Cruz and Smith trade for QB
I am winless because I do not have a decent QB. I need to make a move if I want to win. What if I offer Victor Cruz and Torrey Smith for a top 5 QB. I think I have adequate WR backup in Colston and Cobb.
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    Kacee Giger (624 Reputation Points)
    I don't think offering both Victor Cruz and Torrey Smith for a QB is very wise. If the other owner only has one decent QB on their roster, they would never give him up for a couple of WR's or they would be in the same boat you are. However, if they do have two top QB's (a guy in my league has both Brady and RG3) they would probably be willing to sell for far less than this. So, I would target an owner that has a backup QB that you would want and are a little weak at WR and then offer one of your lesser WR's (Randall Cobb or Torrey Smith). More than likely, they will counter with wanting one of your better WR's and you'll be set. Another approach would be to offer your current QB (so the other owner still has a backup) and Victor Cruz for their current backup QB (the one you want) and one of his lesser WR's so that both teams' roster are still full (you just upgraded at QB, he just upgraded at WR).
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    Sheckie (404 Reputation Points)
    I got Rodgers using your approach. He had Rodgers/Ryan, wanted a WR and to keep Ryan. I initially offered VJax/Ponder, he countered with A Johnson/Ponder. This is what I was willing to give up anyways, so the deal got done as I wished.
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    Jacob S. (265 Reputation Points)
    I'm fromt the school of thought that you always, initially, offer less than you're actually willing to give up because, you never know, they might just take it and then it's a win/win for you. I'm with Kacee on the approach you should take; find someone with a QB2 you want and a thin WR corps and offer them one of your lesser receivers (I'd go with Cobb since he's been playing so well as of late, which will dissipate once Jennings and Nelson return) and be prepared for their counter for a better WR.