Collison for Batum
Just got a trade request in my fantasy league of Darren Collison for Nicolas Batum.
I've been shopping Batum for a while now, trying to get my assists up. although I know I will take a hit in points, and he is a beast all around, but my stats are just a smidgen off... guess I took a few too many SGs and SFs instead of PGs.
It looks like a poor trade to me, though.
But, the other options on his roster aren't too much better (looks like he is maxing scoring and trying to even out the other stats, while minimizing assists).
He is Devin Harris, D Wayde, Jennings and Collison as his top assist givers. Devin Harris is a poor trade option for Batum, and D Wayde and Jennings are scorers, not distributors (although D Wayde has nice APG)
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    Nik Bonaddio (433 Reputation Points)
    I think I'd rather have Collison. I say don't do it.