Trade Ridley and Steve Smith for Fitzgerald and Kyle Rudolph (PPR)?
I have Romo and Dalton, Gore, Ridley, SJax, Leshoure and Calvin Johnson, Colston, and Smith, with Celek and Jared Cook as my TEs. As a throw in I would also receive Rivers.
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    Buddy Matyjas (725 Reputation Points)
    No, you dont need any more WR or RB or QB. You need a good TE. Try to get a guy like Bennett, Gronk, or some other TE.
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    Ryan Lim (500 Reputation Points)
    Rivers doesn't do much here, but I like upgrading Smith to Fitz at the expense of Ridley. Gore matched up with either SJax or Leshoure is serviceable- you might be in trouble if this league allows a flex position. Rudolph is getting tons of red zone looks; however, I do like Celek in a PPR going forward, so depending on your league set-up, it may not be much of an upgrade at TE. But getting Fitzgerald, no matter who is throwing to him, gets you the best player in the trade which, like in most deals, makes you the favorite.
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    Andy Cochrane (110 Reputation Points)
    You could do with dropping one of your other TE. Personally I wouldn't do it. You have a decent WR corps as it is so and keeping Ridley keeps your RB strong.
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    The Diesel (386 Reputation Points)
    No i dont see whats wrong with your team as is. you would just be weakening your RB core
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    Paul C (500 Reputation Points)
    Yes. Ridley's a nice back, but he's inconsistent, as any non-HOF back would be in Belichick's evidenced by his 3 monster games, surrounded by 4 subpar to average-at-best games. This is assuming you can start at least 3 WRs while having just 2 RB spots.