Keep it simple: Who wins the Super Bowl?
I like the 49ers so far. So much I think I'll call them the 50ers.
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    Anthony Best (381 Reputation Points)
    I think Texans always find a way to blow it in latter half of season.. As a 9er fan I have to say SF!! mainly because it has been too long since they have had a team good enough to make it that far!
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    Matthews (542 Reputation Points)
    If the falcons can get their D going and have homefield i have a hard time going against them, but im not sure i trust that def. 49ers and texans are great choices and i never count out the Ravens or Pats either. All of that said, Ill go out on a limb and pick the falcons.
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    Josh Wade (500 Reputation Points)
    49ers and Texans are neck and neck, but I'll go 49ers.

    Realistically, based on the last couple of seasons, it could just as easily be a team that's 3-2 right now.
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    Steve Poland (500 Reputation Points) the Buffalo Bills! oh wait, they're 2-3. darn it.